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I am just saying sorry to all the people that used to read my blog on a daily bases. I just got busy at school and such. I am about done with a blog entry at home on a recap of June. The end of May and most of June was a bit hectic. I am just about to hit page three in Word for that post.

Then I would get sidetracked or loose interest or typing it. It is one thing to type a story out in this form, and its another to do it in an IM when somebody is actively asking questions or acknowledging you so you don’t feel like you are just rambling.

So hopefully soon I will be finished with an update for June, and not too much happened in July.


To EMO kiddies

Emo beatdown, official day 6-6-06

Sorry emo’s and emo-annabe’s, this is your warning

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Part 1

So this morning I IM somebody just to say hi. I told her how I was having issues with my aide, basically he is being a whiny. So appologized, and said that if she could drive still, she’d come and help. I said I thought that she could drive still. She said no she lost it late April 05, or early May 05. I pointed out that we had met in late March, and she had told me she didn’t drive. When we started talking again in October or November, she told me that she had gotten her license in the summer.


In early July she disappeared, which included blocking me. And appeared again. /End sidenote

So, I said the conversation had to end there, then I asked her which part was a lie, since she had just said she had a license for the first month we met. Or was the lie that about getting it this summer. She got mad and signed off. I am curious why this happened, have I done something wrong for having a pretty good memory? Sorry.

Part 2

So a bit ago, another person messaged me, saying hey. Seeing that she has basically stopped talking to me after meeting this guy, I asked how things were with them. She answered he has hormone issues. So I am like did he turn out to be a horny bastard? She replied, no, the opposite, he wants to get to know me really well first. I asked then are you the one wanting sex, she said no. I am like ok, why are you complaining or saying he has issues. She replied she never complained, hence here is where I copied and pasted her line. And she said I didn’t understand. I agreed, and said the guy seemed like a decent guy, who wants a relationship and friendship before sex. She said I didn’t understand, I said I didn’t because I was going on a few lines.

Then in about 18 point font told me that I didn’t understand. I said that usually when you say that somebody has isssues, it is usuallyin a negative way. She said I didn’t understand, once again, and said it wasn’t my business. I stated that it wasn’t, but if she didn’t want me to ask, why didn’t she say that things were fine, but they are taking it slow. I got a fuck off Ryan in reply. OK, why?

Leaving coComment

Well after partially screwing up a relationship or fully screwing it up, I decided to take a break from coComment for sometime. This isn’t due to the fact that I am no longer in the top position. It is due to what I just said, and I have been somewhat mad at myself for doing this. It is just stupid comments for God sake. I handled my comments that I left before February 5th or 6th moderately well, so I can do this on my own again. Surely on blogs that are not mine, I may not reply as quickly or at all. But seeing that a majority of the comments that I have been making or replying to is on my own blog, I don’t see me losing too much here.

Maybe I will come back in a few weeks or months, but not likely at this moment. The ride was exciting the first few weeks, but now it is gone. I am trying to change my life around, and such. Tuesday evening, I even decided to go to the library and study for a few hours, well five to be exact. Something I haven’t done in years, maybe since my first or second year here. Granted that I didn’t get home until one in the morning, it felt great, cannot explain why exactly.

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I am doing a quick post to say why you have only seen my del.icio.us links here lately.

I have been under a crazy schedule. What do I mean? Its just after 8pm, and I just finished dinner. I got home around 7:30, and I left my room at 8:45 this morning. That what it has been for the past week or two. I do have a slew of posts to do, but since I am not Mr Speedy, nor do I have a few doubles of myself I have to figure out what’s best. Sadly my blog isn’t on the top of the list.

Here on this post, I was testing to see if the error Matt found, was fixed. It still didn’t index right at . Finally after sending support requests in since Feburary, I heard back. It seems as though it had a bad database entry or something like that.

So this is another test post.

I am not sick or anything, so no need to worry about that, I just have been having 10.5 hour days with one break. I am going to do my Political Science paper now…

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Test Post

Matt had a post about pinging yesterday. I guess a technorati bug was just found, and he said it was fixed. So here we go….

Edit: The bug is still here. I told Matt that something is still lingering. He said that his post isn’t the place to post these issues. Ok if a post says “a bug has been fixed” but I haven’t seen evidence personally that it was done, seeing that it says I haven’t updated in three weeks. So seeing that I have submitted a feedback in both companies, and haven’t gotten a reply from either, what am I supposed to do, forget and let it build up to another 165+ days?

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So the past few days I have heard people say “I am fluent in _____.” And they ramble off a language or two. But are they really fluent? What does it honestly mean you are fluent? Does taking 3, 4, 5, or even 8 classes dedicated to some language, and having a perfect grade in the classes envoke fluency? I don’t think so.

Why? Well the definition of fluent is “able to express oneself readily and effortlessly” (source). Then why on desktops are there dictionaries, thesaurus, and grammar guides. Most Americans will probably say they are fluent in English, but those that are reading this ask them to define defenestrate* for you.

Chances are unless they have advanced education or something, they will not know what that means.

Maybe to be fluent, thet need to be able to talk for some amount of time. But what would be a reasonable amount? I am 22 years old, English is my native language. I know bits of others, but the other day somebody asked me something general, like my name, and I just gave them a blank stare for a few moments. Wouldn’t a plain answer flow out like the definition?

Maybe there are studies that investigate this, and I just have no idea where to look for such things. I just got aggervated hearing like four people saying how they were fluent. I just wanted to say “ok, translate: [insert a crazy phrase] for me.”

*defenestrate: to throw out of a window. (I have three ‘words of the day’)

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