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To EMO kiddies

Emo beatdown, official day 6-6-06

Sorry emo’s and emo-annabe’s, this is your warning

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28 Responses

  1. Conor Oberst is getting a beatdown, Baby!!! I’m sure he’ll cry about it on his next album:)

  2. What’s shakin’ Ryan?

  3. not much. May do an update today or tomorrow

  4. Still no update.Where are you?

  5. I am working on one. Just am working on and dealing with other stuff. I am about 25% done.

  6. Damn Emos…

    Heres a Joke:

    I wish my grass was emo, then it’d cut itself!

    well I laughed when I read it… That was pretty random actually

  7. lol nice one

  8. It is more than 25% done now?

  9. You’re at 25peeps.com!

    Greetings from Belgium

  10. Hello stranger 😀

    How are you?

  11. Hey!!!
    I am burning up, and bored. Where on earth have you been? I haven’t seen you for months

    PS- sorry to others about no updates

  12. ::taps foot::
    Where the heck are you and where are the updates?

  13. That joke about emo’s that wasn’t funny! Why do you people insits on making fun of emos? We are the same as everyone else we just have a different style and taste in music! We don’t bother yall..why bother us? Not every emo person cuts thier self! You people need to lay off because that joke you made about the emos wasn’t funny! You people need to get lifes and stop talking about emos! They have alot going on in thier lifes that you have no idea about! LAY OFF EMOS!!!


  14. *sigh*
    I’m dreading this day…

  15. WE R MAMBR!

  16. Do you seriously have a problem with emo’s?? they’re just normal people like anyother person, they just choose to show their emotions in a different way!

  17. No I just thought it was funny

  18. What I don`t get is when emos get made fun of, people think there gonna bring a gun to school, first of all…there not doing anything! the people making fun of them are. somebody deserves to be made fun of because they dress diffrently?!? thats stupid! emos arent afraid to show emotion, normal people are, so we could learn something from emos. there going to be your boss one day, so be nice! And not all emos cut themselves, actually very few! emo means emotionally open, shows there emotions. They don`t judge people, why do you judge them? I`m friends with a lot of emos, goths, and they don`t judge me or my other friends who aren`t goths or emos. personally i love them…they have hotter and nicer then you would dream of!

  19. LOL this is funny, an’ emos couldn’t be our bosses… they’d cut ’emselves first xD

  20. Not all emos f’n cut themselves. what the hell is emo anyway? Everyone has their own definition, mines that emo means freedom. It’s the ability to express urself without caring what others think of u. This applies to me, I can’t speak for all of us. I’ve read your posts and you seem like a pretty cool guy but, I think the emo bashing needs to stop.

  21. This is an emo and i think you should be ashamed of yourself. You pick on emo kids cause that makes you feel tough. Well i just wanted to say your not! You just pick on them cause they won’t figh back. So fuck you and all your shit cause you are a bad person!

  22. OMG, there are so many posts everywhere talking about emos, people should just really get over it and let them be. I totally think emos are cool people that just exopress themeselves and people dont like them for doing so. I personally dress and listen to the same music they do, except i dont have their exact ideology. SO STOP JUDGING THEM.

  23. lets break this down for people who dont understand. look at the word emotional. EMOtional. thats where it comes from. and most emo kids do it for attention, show off their scars to the wierd emo girls. and i will judge them all i want because they plain deserve it. no normal person goes around wearing all black (and sometimes gay yellow shoes) and listins to really bad music without looking for nothing but atention. thank you and get over it.NRA forever, Semper Fi, and Mcain for pres.

  24. ahahaha oh wow you are all over reacting way much
    cause for one us “emo” people can stand up for ourselves if we want but we just choose to be chill about it and it\gnore it cause there’s not point in freaking out…ya alot of people do go “emo” for attention but it’s just a form of personal expression i mean whats being gangster all about wear flashy bling? isn’t that for attention too…i mean every look in it’s own way is just saying looks at me so whats the big deal about how people look?

  25. im emo and im not really offended by this at all. yall just want attention by posting this and really yall just sound stupid

  26. Im LOVE EMO

  27. People really shouldnt get all worked up over some internet jocky starting crap. Honestly everyone will have their own opinion, and there will always be the egomaniac who lives off drama and pain. Dont be mad, just know the only reason they are “popular” is due to the weakness of society. If you didnt give reactions and simply went about your day everything would be fine. They wouldnt get their daily ego boost and will eventually be just another person no one has any intrest in.

  28. You guys should all go fuck yourselfs! I am an emo cutter and I fucking know how to use a knife! ever think about that you BITCHES! I hope you all go die in hell cuz were just normal people who express their feelings in a different way! I hope you all DIE! Cuz your all really mean! Were NORMAL PEOPLE! WERE JUST AWESOMER THAN YOU POSERS!

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