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I am just saying sorry to all the people that used to read my blog on a daily bases. I just got busy at school and such. I am about done with a blog entry at home on a recap of June. The end of May and most of June was a bit hectic. I am just about to hit page three in Word for that post.

Then I would get sidetracked or loose interest or typing it. It is one thing to type a story out in this form, and its another to do it in an IM when somebody is actively asking questions or acknowledging you so you don’t feel like you are just rambling.

So hopefully soon I will be finished with an update for June, and not too much happened in July.


3 Responses

  1. Its funny I googled my name..and found your page..

  2. is that a good or bad thing?

  3. I thought you’ve been arrested.Lmao!
    You just stopped at once.
    No need to say sorry though.We know you’re busy there.
    Just waitin’ for something new about you..

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