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I am a Junior at the University of Washington where I am studying Political Science. I am a computer specialist at the Access Technology Lab, where I convert text to Braille. I am a computer geek and an engineer at heart, so I am slowly easing into the new(ish) field. I took an AP Government class back in high school, and did well in it.


This is my third, well fourth blog. Why so many? I was tempted by a buddy in college to start one. So with 100mb of space with my UW account, I figured that I would start one on that. After a few weeks with that, I got fed up doing the HTML coding on each entry, and fixing things, I decided to open up blog via Blogger and things were peachy. Then in May (2005) I was told to make a LiveJournal blog. So I began to use that. Then today, I got a change to try out the offerings of WordPress.


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