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Part 1

So this morning I IM somebody just to say hi. I told her how I was having issues with my aide, basically he is being a whiny. So appologized, and said that if she could drive still, she’d come and help. I said I thought that she could drive still. She said no she lost it late April 05, or early May 05. I pointed out that we had met in late March, and she had told me she didn’t drive. When we started talking again in October or November, she told me that she had gotten her license in the summer.


In early July she disappeared, which included blocking me. And appeared again. /End sidenote

So, I said the conversation had to end there, then I asked her which part was a lie, since she had just said she had a license for the first month we met. Or was the lie that about getting it this summer. She got mad and signed off. I am curious why this happened, have I done something wrong for having a pretty good memory? Sorry.

Part 2

So a bit ago, another person messaged me, saying hey. Seeing that she has basically stopped talking to me after meeting this guy, I asked how things were with them. She answered he has hormone issues. So I am like did he turn out to be a horny bastard? She replied, no, the opposite, he wants to get to know me really well first. I asked then are you the one wanting sex, she said no. I am like ok, why are you complaining or saying he has issues. She replied she never complained, hence here is where I copied and pasted her line. And she said I didn’t understand. I agreed, and said the guy seemed like a decent guy, who wants a relationship and friendship before sex. She said I didn’t understand, I said I didn’t because I was going on a few lines.

Then in about 18 point font told me that I didn’t understand. I said that usually when you say that somebody has isssues, it is usuallyin a negative way. She said I didn’t understand, once again, and said it wasn’t my business. I stated that it wasn’t, but if she didn’t want me to ask, why didn’t she say that things were fine, but they are taking it slow. I got a fuck off Ryan in reply. OK, why?


12 Responses

  1. I’m now in a different library trying to productive.


  2. me too, but I am leavimg to get dinner.

  3. WTH?What’s wrong with the one in part 2?
    Some people have big issues and yet they put it on others.
    Maybe she was drunk.

  4. I am thinking it was something other than being drunk…

  5. Part 1, perhaps she wants the friendship but not the being there for you part and thought you might ask or something.

    Part 2, She’s just not cool. Theory: because you weren’t being understanding and saying that she was right. I dunno 🙂 People are strange sometimes.

  6. Part 1: You got it backward, this is the one that I have told you about before, she left in mid-January…

    Part 2: Yeah, I knew it was a no win situation anyway I went. I either just say oh, oh, oh, and get bitched out for being the typical uncaring male, or bitched out for trying to show I care.

  7. My bad man sorry.

    LOL you got it, sometimes people just don’t make sense

  8. And I usually am the one whos fault it is that I remember things.

  9. lmao, is number 2 about who i think it is? priscilla, huh? it’s ashley, btw.

  10. If this is the ashley that lives here in Seattle and kept standing me up, it is about priscilla, but not the one I met through you…another girl named priscilla. And if this is the same ashley, then I am a bit creeped out…if its another ashley I need more information about you.

  11. yes, ashley in seattle. creeped out why? rofl, ryan, be honest, it’s about our priscilla.

  12. Creeped out because…uh you stopped talking to me like 2 years ago. So I think its a bit creepy that you have been reading my blog for some time, and not saying anything. Not to mention you commented on a four month old post. And I am being honest, yes its a fluke that this girl’s name is Priscilla, has some of the same mannerisms, and oh! they’re both African American. Even though they have a few things in common, I am distinctly talking about two different people. Unless you have key proof that they are the same people, which you don’t, I would ask you to stop accusing me of lying. Thanks

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