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Test Post

Matt had a post about pinging yesterday. I guess a technorati bug was just found, and he said it was fixed. So here we go….

Edit: The bug is still here. I told Matt that something is still lingering. He said that his post isn’t the place to post these issues. Ok if a post says “a bug has been fixed” but I haven’t seen evidence personally that it was done, seeing that it says I haven’t updated in three weeks. So seeing that I have submitted a feedback in both companies, and haven’t gotten a reply from either, what am I supposed to do, forget and let it build up to another 165+ days?

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5 Responses

  1. So I can’t comment on this one, huh? 😉

  2. Nope You will be burned at the stake…

  3. Weird. Haven’t seen it in Technorati yet. 😦

  4. Nope me neither, Matt said the but was cleared…

  5. […] Here on this post, I was testing to see if the error Matt found, was fixed. It still didn’t index right at technorati. Finally after sending support requests in since Feburary, I heard back. It seems as though it had a bad database entry or something like that. […]

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