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Google Code Search

I came across a new Labs project that was released Thursday. It is Google Code Search to be honest I think it is missing a big big fundamental component that would be useful to people… What is that? A reference to the element which is being searched for.

What do I mean? Well I just typed in lang:SQL Select, that says limit results to SQL and look for Select. Well, anybody that knows SQL, knows that it is SELECT is one of the two most important keywords in SQL. But say I didn’t know…Wouldn’t it be good if the top link was some sort of documentation on it? Yeah SELECT is a pretty basic keyword, but there are harder built in functions of languages…wouldn’t it be more helpful to have the documentation right there with your examples? Yeah I could open up a new tab or window and do a search for that item and get documentation. Why not kill two birds with one stone?

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  1. This is the new things for me… Thank you about this information

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