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After College

I forgot to include that my last day this summer, my boss had told me that the upper-level management had met and wanted to extend a full-time job offer to me. Of course I said I would accept the position after I finished my degree. That same day somebody who usually brings his lunch, let’s call him J, decided to join myself and the other two people, V and B, that I eat lunch with. Myself, J, and B started discussing future jobs for me. This was before my boss had told me about the full-time offer.

I was a bit confused and mad about the conversation. Why confused? Why mad? Well first I was like, ok why are they talking about this? At first I thought were they generally talking about these positions, and wanted my input on them. So, I gave my opinions and such. Then I realised they wanted to place me in these positions to let me gain more experience and be more valuable for them. This is when I was getting mad, because if they wanted this, why didn’t they do this with me this summer? I would certainly have rather learned something new, over sitting there with nothing to do or getting these little BS jobs.

Oh well, now I have something to look foward to.

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