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A weekly leaving

I have been noticing that almost once a week for a number of weeks there is an article in UWNews that a provost or a vice-provost is leaving my university for a usually higher position. The latest one that is leaving is Rusty Barceló, [link].

My main question is why are all these vice-provosts and provosts are leaving all of a suddenly. Everybody says that the University of Washington is one of the top schools in the country, so why the mass departure as it seems to be? Are these the talks that happens behind closed doors five layers deep, for months and months, or is it a hey come work for us type of deal.

I am just an undergraduate student, so I don’t quite know or understand what these various administrators do or what their role is per se. But is a provost just brought in to setup a program or something, bring in money, then move onto the next place? That is almost as it seem as though that is the case. I am not too sure how I feel about this exactly.

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