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New Service

So about a two weeks ago, I saw that I was linked on another blog. It was a test for a new service for blogging. Something like coComment and such. I am the only, or one of the few, people in the United States that know about the service. Between the language barrier and the people making it, not being totally sure where they are taking it, this is all I know.

I also was given the following as a sneak peak.




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13 Responses

  1. I always knew you were pretty high up in the food chain. No fair you get to hear about all the new stuff!

  2. Nicole, I only got to know about it because I saw that I was linked somewhere. I made a comment about giving me props, then Jack Yan, who used to comment here (before I scared him off), made a comment replying to mine. In which I replied back, but my return wasn’t correct. Mainly do to translation issues…then the owner told me what was really happening…

  3. What’s the site,Ryan?
    And where the hell are you?
    What did you do to Jack?

  4. The site is bloggrrr.com just as the shirt and technorati tag says…
    Excuse me? where the hell am I? Uh…
    I have no clue where Jack is, I am pretty sure I have scared him off. Why? Because here I basically pinned him for comment spamming. He told me a few days before that post, he thought it would be cool if him and I were neck and neck at coComment. So he went from 100-200 comments to over what I had, which was 800-850, in two weeks.

  5. Wow!Just like two girls.You boys should fight for girls and not for comments and ranking.
    Last time i saw Jack…(ok,that sounds weird) was on http://knoizki.wordpress.com/
    And Jack is a big boy.I am sure you didn’t scare him off.

  6. Their title tag is spooky: ” somebody’s watching you “.Lmao!

  7. Lol, I got mad at first, because like I said he had a hundred or so, then a day later he was like right there 5 less than me. Then I am like this is lame getting upset. and now he’s like 100 over me. He hangs out at K’s blog now.

  8. yah their tagline is a little freaky at first.

  9. I suppose you two have entered a competition for a first place with that cocomment thing.From tracking your comments gets to competing who’s got more comments.

  10. What are you talking about?

  11. I am talking about comment number 7.

  12. no competition is there… I’d need around 400 now to be even with Jack

  13. I am still not really understand, what is coComment?

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