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links for 2006-04-12


16 Responses

  1. This is doggone classic, Ryan. I have sent it on email to a lot of my friends.

  2. You have never really commented on my links before….weird

  3. Why is this weird? It’s a good link. And no, Ryan, whatever you suspect it was not comment spam. I have sent this link on to heaps of people via email.

  4. No just as I said in the other thread, it seems as you are leaving comment for the sake of it. Links have been posted, that have been more helpful in lack of a better term, and nothing.

    I maybe wrong, but that’s what I perceive.

  5. I can say your perception is not correct. I have seen your other links but this one plain appeals to me humour-wise. Just a matter of taste: we are all different. (Also if you look through my coComment list I have commented on others’ links.)

  6. ok. sorry

  7. Apology accepted, Ryan, thank you.

  8. No problem

  9. You two are like a couple.Lmao!
    One blames and one apologize.

  10. Well, C there’s stuff going on that I don’t think you see.

  11. Ok…light me up here before is start thinking some nasty stuff about you two.

  12. lol you have a dirty mind. That is not at all what I meant.

  13. Lmao!I am a thinker.Ehehehe!
    I know i have a dirty mind,but would you please,for Jack’s sake,explain what you meant?
    (so i won’t get dirty ideas about him)
    Jack,please don’t hate me!

  14. We were talking about coComment

  15. yep, so, no worries.

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