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links for 2006-04-10

  • a challenge, an experiment, an exploration, a rough map of where we haven’t been. It’s a search for new ways to approach Web-based design. It’s a cry for creativity, and a stab at innovation. It’s a playground and a proving ground. It’s a rejection of wha
    (tags: CSS web-design)

11 Responses

  1. Hey Ryan,i made a list yesterday with some of the best freeware around.Wanna see it?

  2. Yeah sure, I have seen a handfull of these floating around the last few months.

  3. Yeah well,i thought i should make one by myself too.

  4. lol, ok. good job

  5. Thanks!That’s what i wanted to hear.Now tap my shoulder,please.

  6. lol, for what? sympathy?

  7. For the good job i’ve done.Pfffff!

  8. LMAO, what job?

  9. Ok.You lost me.
    Happy Easter Ryan!

  10. And Happy Easter ,Jack!

  11. How did I loose you? In comment #5, you said I should give you a pat on the back. Then in #7, you said I should do that because of the job you did. Then in #8, I asked what job is it which you are talking about.

    Happy Easter

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