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Living Floor

I was browsing Gizmodo, and was kind of shocked at one of the posts I saw. This post here. You are probably saying whoop-dee-do Ryan what’s the big deal with that, it’s just a post about a floor that reacts when you step on it. Yes it seems that it is some weird, maybe even boring invention.

Well, back in Autumn quarter of 2004 I took a class in one of the newest departments, DXArts at my . The class provided a historical and critical overview of artists and scientists pioneering the digital arts. It also discussed important digital media issues from aesthetics, creative strategies, emerging trends, and socio-cultural aspirations. Our final project was to make a mini proposal of a piece of art that would be built 50-100 years from now.

My original project was going to be something from . Basically a holographic media center. Between not being able to draw what I had in mind in or , and also the Teaching Assistant said that the idea was crap. So I was in a hole. Somehow I turned to mathematics and thought what I could do. This lead me to do some research in my favorite subject of mathematics, Chaos Theory.

I forget all the steps (side joke, you’ll get in a minute) I took, but you can find my proposal for the artwork that I named “Blue”, here. A quick overview of my project is there is a LCD screen the size of a billboard or so on the side of a building, and on the ground infront of it, then there would be an electronic sensoring pad of some type embedded in the sidewalk. Then everytime somebody steps on the sensor a bit of the image gets built. The images that are built are fractials.

In this frameset, I was told to think solely as an artist. So I didn’t need to figure out if the weight on the sensor equaled the size of the piece that was being built. Nor calculate the probability of multiple steps on the pad, people, etc at one specified period of time. Of course all of those statistics depend of the locatiom where “Blue” would be implemented.

So when I saw that post I was like that’s almost my project.

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2 Responses

  1. You said “Chaos Theory.” The most I know about that I learned from reading “Jurassic Park.”

    LOVED that book/movie!

  2. haha, yes, that is what most people know about. I only seen that movie once, and I was like 8 or 9 when I saw it, so I don’t recall it at all. The book has actually quite a bit about Chaos Theory in it.

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