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Well, I am glad

Well, I think I am anyhow. What I mean, is on this post, it could have been very controversial. I really meant it to be a public reply to me getting bashed. Like I said in one of the comments, I didn't want a post full of pity remarks. As Chrono pointed out, I am a weak blogger.

Let me point a few things out. Even though Chrono said it was very unprofessional of me to not directly link to his post. Well, I think this is somewhat childish. It is like running to a parental figure, and say "[sibling name] did this." I said that if any of the readers wanted a direct link, just say so. Since nobody asked, there was no permalink put up. Second, unprofessional? Uhm ok? How? I never said I was a professional blogger, nor trying to be. Do you see multiple posts every day? Nope. Chrono did put some kind of list about good blogging. I faitly recall the post, had some decent ideas, but frankly untill I am met with a list of rules from the host I am usuing, I probably wouldn't follow rules, because that is the point of a blog.

A blog is the owner's personal space, so he or she can do whatever they please. Yeah I'll give a person a slap on the ass for making themselves post numberous times a day with quality posts. I just don't have the time for that. Plain and simple.

I told a few people that I had a started a post about backing myself up. Then showed her the post about me. Then showed them the post. And they were shocked. After I posted they were speechless, and after I mentioning feeling free to comment. One said how….

Anyhow, to make Chrono happy, go up to your address bar, type chronotron where rbenson is. Once there, just type Ryan in his search field, and it should be number two.

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220 Responses

  1. No it’s not…two weeks ago I had a 100+ gap…

  2. and I already knew of this 8hours ago.

  3. I thought it’s nice we are sharing the top spot. At least we know one another (well, at least through here). Better it’s someone we each know than a total weirdo we both hated.
       I knew a while ago, too, but it seemed better to bring it up now than during C.’s waking hours since we were trying to get her to stop smoking …

  4. That is true. But you came from no where…don’t see how you did

  5. Since I’m not studying I probably have more time to spend on blogging and commenting.

  6. This is true. Don’t you have work

  7. I do. This is my way of relaxing though whereas most people would probably chill with friends of watch TV. But I am going to limit my comments for the time being. Work usually gets busy mid-month for me and then that continues till around the 26th of the month.

  8. LOL, what do you mean by limit?

  9. Just cooling off. Kind of nice to be level pegged with you. Might be quite funny if we increased the count bit by bit jointly to see which one of us hits 1,000!

  10. hahaha, we may do that via this thread, which I kinda feel bad about.

  11. Why do you feel bad about it? (I think we’re having a good dialogue and non sequiturs are common amongst comments.)

  12. I feel bad about it because none really apply to the post…

  13. It’s sort of relevant, especially your words, ‘A blog is the owner’s personal space, so he or she can do whatever they please.’

  14. that is true, hence why i didn’t say no more…

  15. I can always start a thread … but it will have to be after dinner (early evening here).

  16. haha true, but wouldn’t be as easy for me…plus you have word varification blah. 😛

  17. Yeah, I get a bit of comment spam as well.

  18. But you have the owner approvial on too. So isn’t two checks a bit?

  19. Maybe. If I took the word verification off, I would get more comments through. But it will also mean I get more spammers to delete from the queue.

  20. Not many, well yeah, I was getting the two automatically for a while.

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