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links for 2006-03-26


14 Responses

  1. Actually,i just post on my blog a link to an article about sleeping.
    Apparently not sleeping is a good thing,according to their tests.
    Talking from my experience,not sleeping is good.You gain lots of time to do whatever you have to do.And when you pass out..well,you pass out and enjoy the sleep.
    Is the same as eating.
    Sleep to stay alive and eat to stay alive.Don’t just sleep and eat your life.

  2. Lol, I agree. I have somewhere, a few articles about polyphasic sleeping. Basically you take cat naps.

    PS- I found it here

  3. Naps are the best.Lol!
    Granpa and grandma knows best.

  4. actually I tried it for a few days and worked well…

  5. I feel to sleep around 5 pm.Bad time to get a nap.

  6. I sometimes crash at 6 or so, and get up sometiimes an hour later,this keeps me going for a while…

  7. I hear ya.But then again,i have more inspiration in the evening.

  8. yep, it is like I am totally refreshed.

  9. Sometimes i am afraid to fall asleep.I have those vivid dreams and often it feels soooooo real.I feel like i really touch objects and people in my dreams.I know that i am dreaming,so depending on a dream,:::winks:::,i will enjoy it or wake up from it.

  10. I am not too sure what to say…get help maybe?

  11. Lmao!
    At first,when i was a child and i had bad dreams,i was very afraid.
    In time i learned how to deal with it and now,the bets part about it,is that i can wake up easy if i have a nightmare.
    So i passed the help fase.

  12. No I wasn’t trying to be a smartass, there are people with sleeping disorders and such…
    That’s good you got over it.

  13. Oh,i didn’t think that.But you can be a smartass,if you want to.I don’t mind.
    Anyway,i didn’t really got over it,but i handle it better.

  14. Oh thanks for your permission.
    That is good you handle it…

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