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coComment: Down?

So for the past few hours I have been trying to access coComment various times throughout the night, and no success. For the first time since coComment opened its doors, the website has been down to my knowledge. I am not sure were to look. I did a few searchhes and found nothing valuable.

This down-time doesn’t have much impact on me, since I have only made a few comments total today. I just tried to ping it using the command prompt and no luck there. Maybe it was posted on the official coComment site. Hopefully it will be up soon. For those that haven’t heard of coComment, look at my posts below.

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4 Responses

  1. I’m completely behind since I’ve never even HEARD of coComment. So (as usual) I asked Eric to explain it. Man, now I’m mad that it’s down since it sounds like a really good idea!

  2. lol Nicole, it came out the same night as the first link…so what a month and a half, or so. Don’t feel bad, I only heard of it because I was up, and decided to read Robert Scoble’s blog at 1:30 am. And hunted for a invite…It is a great thing, except there are a few issues.

  3. Yeah, it definitely was down—there’s a link on the site here. Something to do with its hosts.

  4. yeah, I knew there was a dns error. I tried pinging it

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