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Calling Me Out

So sometime on the 15th, while I was studying, I saw that somebody had linked to my blog. No, I am not some crazy that googles himself every few hours. WordPress hosted blogs have a plug-in that basically does that for you. Anyhow I click the link, and find out it’s my little buddy Chrono Tron. He did an entire post about me and how he’s mad that I don’t believe him and call my reasons a complete joke. Which he is entitled to his opinion.

See Chrono made a post about how he interviewed the old owner of Blog Herald. Chrono says it is this great blogging news site. Well, I nor anybody that I have talked to have ever been there or heard of it, except for one so far. And that person said they were driven away due to the amount of ads. I don’t know what his setup is like so maybe he doesn’t have adblock and whatnot. That is his own deal.

Chrono says that he simply e-mailed Ducan Riley, ex-owner of Blog Herald, and conducted this interview via e-mail and/or MSN, I am not sure which one because he kind of mentions both. Ok, I would understand if he did e-mail, but I don’t quite believe getting his MSN address freely. Anyhow, I asked Chrono how he would expect people to believe this because of three reasons. My reasons were: he’s young, he’s not popular, and not in the same area as Ducan.

OK, let’s break these down, Chrono is 15 or just about 16. That constitutes young in my book these days. He’s not popular, in terms of here on blogosphere. I am not saying that because he doesn’t 40 comments per posts, but people that are reading this now, will most likely google him. The third reason of mine isn’t all that good, because I thought Mr. Riley lived down in the Silicon Valley or New York. Well, I should have done a tad of detective work for that one, Mr. Riley lives in Australia, and I forget about Chrono.

As I was reading through this interview, the amount of smilies used in the replies was a bit high I think. I am not sure if Mr. Riley was just being nice or what.* I also used to read Chrono’s blog quite a bit, and so the wording in the replies was somewhat resembling Chrono’s wording, so that’s another (unnamed till now) reason why I drew suspiction.

*- I am wondering how Chrono actually framed this conversation if it took place. If you say, hi I am 16 and new to blogging, can I ask a few questions? Verus hi, can I ask you a few questions, I am 30 and been blogging for 3 years. One you may get a no sweat kid, shoot. On the other, you may discuss it over a few beers. Anyhow when I was posting a comment, I did a search of his blog, to make sure I didn’t look like an ass. I was quite shocked what I found.

Chrono tried to pull a trick on his beloved Blog Herald. He claimed to be in his 30s or 40s and some elite hacker, that would do something to Blog Herald. That’s all I recall at this time, but I can’t understand how this would be fun. But I wouldn’t do such a thing to a site I enjoyed.

One thing I found quite strange was that he linked my blog to my name almost each time he mentioned my name in the the first paragraph. But oh well, just more potential traffic.

I started this post the night on the 15th, as you can see how threatened by his post. I also did not link to any of his posts nor site on purpose. If anybody has questions regaarding my knowledge of computers…depending on the number of people that asking what my knowledge is and whatnot, I will make a part two to this post.

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57 Responses

  1. And again why did you bring this up? This is my third time asking

  2. You two should just sleep with each other and get it over with.

  3. umm…Ryan, I think you can safely delete the above comment. This probably has to be the only aspect in which we both should agree….

    Ryan as for the reason, you could call it curiosity, I suppose. As I said, you were clearly calling me a fraud after the first interview, just wanted your valuable comments.

    ~ CC

  4. LOL Michael…but I’ll pass.

    CC: Are you referring to the comment by Michael? It’s not getting deleted, It’s funny…
    How on earth can could you call it by posting links about an interview and links about you? So everytime you interview somebody you’ll give yourself traffic or whatever by posting it here like you did in #46? Like I said if you do it the comment will be gone.
    Also I don’t have that type of interest in men Chrono, so if you were talking about us sleeping together…no it’s not happening.

  5. Lmao!
    You two are fire around each other.

  6. WTF……. I’m not homo… No thanks… And If I want to spam comments with my links, don’t you think I have more popular blogs than yours to do that, especially go and revive a month old post..

    As I said, your just arguing for the sake of doing so.

  7. You can spam all you want, and I can delete or edit all I want. Its my blog…weird concept huh… Lol I don’t care that you have more hits than me.
    don’t you think I have more popular blogs than yours to do that, especially go and revive a month old post..
    This line technically makes no sense. Maybe I have my stats and my blog hidden, so how can you say that. But recall how you said you were just a simple blogger and weren’t trying for 5million hits (This is a number I pulled out of the air), but if this was the case why post your links that have basically no relevence to the author’s post? I mean if I did a post how I had coffe with Michael you could be like hey I interviewed him! [link]

    And remind where you said “I am just arguing”? Because I forget where said this since comment number 46. And please come back down, you are acting like you’re this big macho blogger. And no you cannot say you’re not because from #46 onward you have been telling me what to do and such.

    I have news for you, in 6 months, a year, maybe a bit more, the names of Riley and Arrington will mean nothing. Such as most things in the news…

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