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links for 2006-03-15

  • If you post a pic like that in your ad, you have to expect to be made fun of.
    (tags: blog)

15 Responses

  1. Don’t know if i should laugh or not.

  2. Some of them are pretty funny.

  3. I feel like i know some of them.Ehehe!

  4. Lol C, I am not even going to say a word.

  5. Please don’t.Lmao!
    But if your mind flew off to i don’t know what kind of crazy thing…well,i am not like them,i don’t know any..
    Bah…nothing i will say now will save what i just said up.

  6. You kind of lost me there…

  7. Yeah,i lost myself too.
    Very confused girl i am.

  8. lol C, you? confused? never. How does that not surprize me? 😀

  9. i like to go to this space camp.

  10. Wally, wrong post bud.

  11. Cuz you’re confused too.
    Let’s turn in circles and then spook each other.

  12. Oh..and see?Wally’s confused too.

  13. lmao C. Go to bed or something, you are going looney. 🙂

  14. Pfff!Alright!So i went to bed and slept on this one,but this thread just makes me go on.
    I think i am gonna go with Wally on that space camp.
    Care to join?

  15. Good job, why does it make you think that?
    I am not sure it even runs anymore…but yes if you pay 😉

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