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To Thomas

Thomas you left me no choice other than to block you. You can use any email address any name handle you care to and you will be blocked still. See when you leave comments, other than your name, e-mail address and your URL, I am given your IP address. I marked your IP as spam, so all comments you are leaving now, and any others are automatically blocked. So I knew it was you when you commented as Jimmy and such.

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23 Responses

  1. Sorry to tell you this but IP blocking is worthless, there are thousands of proxie servers out there, you can’t block them all. If this guy you’re talking about has half a brain (and he very well may not) he can comment all he wants, ask Madbull.

  2. I know this, and he hasn’t tried a proxy, so it worked. Who’s mad bull

  3. Shhhh don’t give him ideas!!

    Just out of curiosity, what was this guy posting anyway?

  4. It’s always sad when we blog owners have to take action like this. The internet will always be a reflection of the society that it springs from, creeps and all.

  5. RyanC I posted this earlier but WP ate it
    Well I have a post about the 14 foot, world’s biggest bear ledgend/myth and his first post was like rawr I am the bear, that really hurt my head. Then he posted I am coming to haunt everybody that posts here. Then he made a post that I think was supposed to be bear foot prints. I was sitting here chuckling at this. Then he changed his name to like –>> Ryan’s Gay <<– made a few derogitory comments to me. Then he switched back to The bear ghost, said another comment as him. Then switched to neil and said how gay I was. Then he moved to another post, I think it was the four things post, and made another derogitory comment towards me.

  6. I totally agree Jack. Talk abou immaturity

  7. I know it will slow things down and you are busy, but if this creep returns, is it worth approving each message in WP before it goes live? (BTW glad to see you have got over your cold.)

  8. If it is just a few here and there I don’t think it is. Because the incidents or so infrequent I would have to do a number of clicks that aren’t needed. I have been blogging for about 3 years now, and I think that this was the second time since I have started that I have gotten degoritory comments from people I don’t know. I may get a hey what up bitch from a few buddies I actually know, and that’s fine. But other than that I would remove the comment. Since this guy left multiple comments degrading me/my blog I had to take action. If you read that bear post you may see a few saying how dumb I am for posting a myth, but they are sole incidents.

  9. PS- thanks, I still have a nasty cough that tears me apart from time to time. So my energy level is still somewhat low.

  10. That’s pretty good going to get relatively few idiots. I got a lot of comment spam at the Beyond Branding Blog (2003–6), especially toward the end, almost as many of those as legit entries. This Thomas guy seems to have focused on your blog for no reason, which makes you wonder why he doesn’t have a more productive use of his time.
       I had a similar cold with a horrible cough. I hope it’s a different virus. Mine took a while to shake and I went through boxes of cough lozenges.

  11. Yeah, here at wordpress they have installed Akismet (created by Matt) and since they have installed it it has caught 97 spam comments. But the count is a tad off for like Thomas. For example, after I said to make his IP spam, he commented like 10 moretimes. Then like my first or second post about coComment, a guy named Andrei decided to WordPress automatically marked him as spam, after postin 10-15 times within 5 minutes.

    Yes I wondered why that guy had decided to take his anger on me. I am over it now and didn’t think anything of it when he was doing it. I am just glad I had been at my computer at the same time he was making comments so I could deal with it. I didn’t want such comments through my blog which that may have happened. Nor would I want fellow commenters like you defending me and telling this Thomas guy to leave me alone.

  12. These kinda guys always exist. They just go on to anyblog that they stumble across and start flaming the owners and other commenters. It should not be taken seriously by anybody and ignoring is the best medicine in this case.

  13. So you would totally ignore somebody that calls you profaine names on multiple posts and not take any action? That’s what you just said.

  14. *Sigh* You never seem to understand what I’m saying do you??

    Today’s net surfers are smart, so what if you IP Ban him. He has methods to come back. Just delete all his comments.. By posting a separate post for him you are only encouraging him. I don’t think such spammers deserve one whole post dedicated to them!

  15. Yes I understand what you said. Maybe you are not typing what you really mean. You said such commenters shouldn’t be taken seriously and should just be ignored. Did you not?

    Trust me this guy wasn’t that smart. He used maybe 4 different names, but each one used the same e-mail address. Most people would change that at least.

    If you think my posts aren’t good enough to read because I made a post to somebody that tried insulting me and my blog, then don’t read it. You are not the owner, nor is making you read.

  16. I think what Chrono was getting at is that by giving this Thomas guy exposure, you kind of elevate him to your own level. By ignoring him, regardless of his flaming, he becomes a nobody and might eventually give up. The additional discussion has meant that he might now look up anonymous proxies.
       However, I also take your point, Ryan: if Thomas is that dumb to use the same email address, I doubt he will have the IQ to cook up methods to get around your ban.

  17. Thanks Jack. I am not sure if I mentioned it on this post, another, or just forget to say it. But after I blocked him, I got a handful of comments coming in, being marked. They of course were saying reply to me, why aren’t my comments showing up. I didn’t want to reply to him via e-mail, so I wrote this post saying tough luck buddy…

  18. Fair enough. I hope it’s stopped him in his tracks. From your description, he sounds like a nutter to me. I mean, does he really expect people to tolerate being abused, and then to provide him with courtesy?

  19. Jack just got what I meant, I guess. Thanks Jack!

    ##If you think my posts aren’t good enough to read because I made a post to somebody that tried insulting me and my blog, then don’t read it. You are not the owner, nor is making you read.##

    I read your blog cause I like it dude. I was just offering my personal opinion. That’s not allowed??

    Dude, if you are angry at me for any reason just tell me or if you don’t want me to visit your blog… You seem to be taking whatever I say in the negative sense.. This is the 4th time!

  20. Pax, fellow bloggers and commenters. I know this is going OT but astrologers believe that this period is what they call Mercury retrograde. It’s when there are misunderstandings for no apparent reason. Also computers crash more. So I would probably sit back, put this down to a misunderstanding, and see how we are after the 25th.

  21. Exactly, Jack. I had a guy long time ago basically doing the same thing but he was dissing the commenters for commenting. I was away for a few days and didn’t look at my blog. For a week or so, I was getting comments on that post almost daily. This guy would bash just about every other comment. By only putting his handle of the e-mail address he used stopped him. Now don’t ask if its the same guy, because I have no idea. But yes Jack he was a bit nutty especially because he was using such handles as The Bear Ghost.

    I only said that because you said it was kind of dumb for me making the post to Thomas. As I believe I said he had sent a number of comments to each of the two posts he commented on prior, asking where his comments were. Yeah maybe this was the weak thing to do. I didn’t want to leave comments to him on those posts and get it totally OT. I also didn’t want to do it via e-mail because I didn’t want to wake up to a daily insult…

    Jack Pax and I had a few heated discussions over at his blog…

  22. Ok, I guess

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