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links for 2006-03-10


14 Responses

  1. hey i love you!:)

  2. Joelle? is that you?

  3. I love you too, actually!

    (kidding, har har) *backs away slowly*

  4. uhm yah….thanks Jay

  5. lol
    Sorry, I have a really goofy sense of humour that either gets a few chuckles or into trouble! 🙂

  6. Ummm…i guess now i’m gonna have to love you too.

  7. Lol C, is that in reply to the first commenter or Jay’s? You win for sure over Jay…

  8. Both i guess…Dunno..i got confused.Lol!

  9. @C: Well commenter is a friend I have known for over a year, maybe two. Jay well, yeah, is Jay…

  10. :::sniff:::

  11. What’s wrong, I am just saying the truth

  12. Nothing Ryan.Just sniffin’.

  13. lol, ok, just had to make sure.

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