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Hi All, A guy named Steven Hargrove tried to get me to link to his blog. He is trying to win that SEO contest going on. He randomly added me to MSN. Then proceeded to PM me ten times, eventhough my message says I am sick and away.. He first thought that I was Andrew. Then Hw asked what SEO was. I told him that a simple google search should tell him. He wanted to link to his blog. I asked why should I after all I don’t know him, nor ever commented.

If he contacts you via msn, I highly recommend blocking him. Sorry if I am too late.

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32 Responses

  1. That’s the second thing….and that is why i try staying away of msn or other im’s.
    Some dudes are freaky.
    So what’s shakin’ with you,Ryan?

  2. Lol. I thought he was some guy at first that was going to say how he enjoyed my site, not this.

    I am here feeling like crap at work.

  3. Ehehehe!Wrong expectation from the wrong dude.
    Why are you feeling like crap?What happened?

  4. I am sick… caught the bug that’s going around.

  5. Awww Get better soon. And did you think that he added you to complainment you on the site after my example 😛
    I had the flu type thing that was going around… it is bad, took me a gd while to recover

  6. what do you mean crazy?

  7. Sweat it out,Ryan,and you’ll be just fine.

  8. Bah, people should really concentrate on making their blog popular instead o begging others.. That’s cheap and NOT the mark of a Good SEO!

  9. Some people have NO shame.

    I’ve had people I don’t know just email me demanding that I give them my wordpress theme so many times. They think that I have some obligation to them just because they don’t know CSS.

  10. I added you on AIM and MSN to say like the site…. and I was saying that did you think that this other guy added you because of my example… but never mind 😛
    Hope you are better now.

  11. Hello
    I’m Driss I want to have a new friends if you are interested comment me
    i have 20 years old from morocco; please answer me
    you’r sincerly

  12. Chrono: I think any form of SEO is hogwash. If you are adding things to your page to give you a better result is crap. Would you rather see an wikipedia article about some topic or some porn site? Well with SEO that porn site would be #1.

    Crazy: You added me 2 or 3 weeks ago, you had posted a number of comments on my blog and I posted a few on yours PRIOR to adding. So don’t worry about that, if I didn’t want to talk to you I would’ve removed you.

    Welcome Driss I’ll be friends, come back soon 🙂

  13. oops sorry Kristin. Missed your comment earlier. They demand you to give your theme to them? Oh man I’d love to see that. I bet you feel so theatened by that. Don’t get me started about people on myspace and not knowing stuff about CSS. It just annoys me that people just click a few things on some editor and there you go. Ok I did use an editor so I could figure out how on earth things were named. Because redText12 or whatever really tells me what the class does. I don’t have the means to totally redo my page, like you, no offense.

  14. Awww I am touched that you want to tlk to me 😛 I am actually a very regular reader… should comment slightly more but never have anything worthwhile to say, as most can probably tell. Anyway, you better yet? or still ill?

  15. lol I am still ill.

  16. hi,

    i was wondering if you would add me to your blogroll? i enjoy long walks through the park, hotdogs, and i think i’m in your area… wanna video chat?

    lmao. 😉 long time no see bud.

  17. lol hey, your place or mine lol

  18. You think SEO is crap… Hmm… I don’t for one. Wikipedia is for just the facts, I don’t need the facts, I know them. I need to know what are the views, news, etc.

    And Ryan, hope you are feeling better now!

    Sorry for the late commenting, I’m away and wow, your blog is quite popular in terms of comments.

  19. Chrono: Your comment made no sense.

  20. Sorry to inform you cracker. SEO is real, and it is very effective. I have been doing it 4 years as freelance work and as of jan 2006 actualy started a company. I have taken over 200 websites to the top of natural search and have never FAILED to get the job done(all top 10 in all 3 majors). But I understand your hogwash attitude. Many have been burnt by so called SEO’s.

    I actualy learned SEO because I was getting ripped off by all of the traffic scams also. The only traffic I was seeing was my money run down the road.

  21. Jim who exactly are you talking to in this comment? Or are you calling me a cracker? This is why I think SEO is messed up because people are taking over top spots by using “SEO techniques” and not quality sites, so therefore the Internet is getting filled with crap in liu of boosting another site.

  22. First off, Who made you the authority of what a quality site is? Next, if you are a cracker then you are a cracker, but no I read the name wrong , it was the post above you that i got the name from. Now, back to quality. Quality is someone being able to find what they are looking for. And for the most part the serps produce relevent results. sometimes you get a non relevent site in the top, but it sound like you are mad because you can’t get your site up top. this is caused by only a few things. Either someone is too lazy to learn seo or they are too cheap to pay to get it in the top! Quality of a site is determined by an algorithm(the rules of the search engines). So the search engines have already defined what they see as quality. If you think that you are smarter than the brains at the major search engines then you are obviously missing the boat! If you want the favor of the search engines then you need to play by their rules. SEO is not “back door” tatics. It is a matter of whomever plays by the rules the strictest wins. So the question is are you a loser or a winner, your crybaby attitude will get you nowhere. Try working with the system if you want the rewards and favor of the search engines. There is one other thought. It may be that you are the actual one with the low quality site( and this is obvious if the search engines do not favor it).

    Have a nice day! 🙂

  23. Jim, once again who are you talking to? Me or Chrono Cracker?
    Who made me the authority of quality? Me. I made myself my own authority. When I look for information about an ailment, I want to get information on that, I don’t care that there’s a wonder drug company.
    Quality is determined by a search engine’s algorithm, correct. But SEO does things that abuse those scales that engines use to get the ‘best results.’

  24. Anything can be manipulated. Drug companies, oil companies, lumber companies. There is not much in this world that has not been manipulated. It is obvious that you will not see reason. Everyone here can see that you are biased in your opinion! Since you are sooooo smart, why don’t you just go to Google, Yahoo and MSN and tell them how to fix it! The system is manipulated by some. But that is in everything. Not just SEO. Do you break any laws? speed anytime? There are laws on the books and yet some will willingly break the law. some do it for a living. These people will use SEO practises to get sites that do not belong up top for certain keywords. Sure, it will happen. But these guys lose anyway. Conversion rates are poor at best when someone finds something other than what they are looking for!

    If you really had a concern about abuse on the net you should look at spam and child porno! Not seo.

    You are just mad because you are getting smoked and can not stop it!

  25. Jim,
    I full-heartly agree that anything can be manipulated. But SEO and you is your job to find those loopholes. Wouldn’t it be like a crook watching a bank and figuring out that he can slip in because a door is unguarded for 10 minutes when guards change shifts.

    I am biased about my opinion, but isn’t everybody? If you say no, let me ask you what car you have. Say you answer I have a car from company x. So I ask you what about companies y or z? You say company z sucks! Well, look at that you just showed bias. If you say this isn’t a bias, then if company z sucks that much, then how are they in business still? Weird

    If you are saying only the bad guys boost sites, may I ask how you don’t fall under this bad guy category? From what I know about you, you practise these techniques. Are you saying taking a site and tweaking it to get a better score, versus building a brand new site and using techniques WHILE building are two different things. Its like buying a cheap car and dropping a V8 in it versus just buying a car with a V8 in it. The end result is THE SAME.

    Spam is a whole other ball game, BUT spam and SEO can easily fit together. Note: I am generalizing spam so it includes adware, spyware, viruses, junk e-mail, etc.

  26. You can also take a Top Quality NEW CAR and make it faster, more attractive, more comfortable. Your arguement still does not carry water. Anything can be abused, I would never put a site up about frogs for keywords “chicken” only stupid people do this, and the search engines have filters in place and they will be removed shortly.

    These guys who design the search engines are not dummies.

    Now back to seo. The same rules apply to any business, A brick and morter biz has to advertise, keep books,pay light bills, insurance, phones ect… Well, so does a web biz. Most websites that sell are and extention of a brick and mortor biz. Instead of someone paying a newspaper for an ad, they pay me, i just put them on the front page, not way back in the classifieds. There are some people who will always try to do things that are not right, but they never prosper. seo is not spam, not even in the same ball park. The ones who do try it get removed from the index, their conversions are crap, they are just all around losers. But, several sites that are relevent to the search terms are just competetion, Nothing more! 99% of all top 10 sites have seo in place or they would not exist. Ebay, bizrate.com,eloan, lending tree, nascar, raltor.com, ect.. all of these major companies practise seo, they have entire teams of seo’s, developers, link managers and tons of other support personel to make sure their sites come up for relevent search terms. The local Realtor would never come up in a search result without the help of seo’s. The local movie theater would not show up. The local Gov. websites would not show up. If you want to get mad. Get mad at the major corperations, they are the ones who created this. I and many other seo’s help the little guys keep theirself in their local search results. or would you rather Realtor.com get the lead, sell it to the local real estate agent. I can get them for him/her a lot cheaper than 30% of their commissions! what about the local dealership getting beat out by autobytel? They only charge 30 dollars PER LEAD!

    Most seo’s help the local, middle class American that already has their budget strained to the hilt!

    I put up a billboard that stays 25/7 for the local biz for less than the price on a classified ad in most cities, and it neve goes away.

    I give value that NO other advertising medium can provide, and at a much cheaper rate!

    You are trying to cast a shadow on the whole bunch, and there is NO way to justify it!

  27. Jim,
    YOU may not add chicken to a list of keywords for a frogs site. Good for you! But other people do. I guess you can call them your colleagues. I am not saying that people who create search engines are dumb.

    Your story doesn’t make sense. SEO isn’t at all like advertising in the way in which you have framed it. SEO isn’t spam,but it is certainly used for spam. Which that is the type you mainly hear about, which is what I meant all along. What are you talking about conversions? Conversions of what? You say all these sites have seo, even seo teams. Uhm ok? Proof please? Sites don’t need seo to exist. Please read up on PageRank and try again. PageRank is basically a backwards search…and creates a complicated web of links.

    Jim sorry you contadicted yourself, you first said all businesses have these large teams of seo’s (which I doubt), then you said most seos helps the little guy. Which is it?

    So if you are now an advertiser, are you loosing business to Google AdSense and the such, that help with ads for FREE?

  28. I did not contradict myself. Large companieslike cars.com, bizrate.com, Amazon.com, ect.. have teams of seo’s..

    Now, to cover another subject “spam” The U.S. postal service uses mail , But there are direct mail advertisers, and this is just like spam, Try telling the U.S. Postal service to stop!

    Also, you have NO understanding of PR. Page rank is Googles way of ranking a site on a scale of 1 to 10 for its chosen subject. It is based on hundreds of factors of which about 80% is link popularity for the targeted keywords or phrases. You can have a local mortgage broker that needs 200 inbound links to get a PR 4. Example: your city, your state, mortgage. Then you can take the word “Mortgage” and it will take 200,000 inbound links to reach PR4.

    And yes, I and many other seo’s help the little guy, I have hundreds of local customers and they outrank national lead generation companies like cars.com for their products or services. This keeps it local and gives the little guy a means to compete!

    There are people who break laws and rules all the time in every walk of life. But the Majority do not do this. You never hear about the people who walk into a bank and do business, but you do hear about the few who do ROB the bank! you never hear about the person who helped the little old lady cross the street, but you do hear about the mugger who steals her purse! Grow up and look at our society.

    They magnify the bad and discount the good, and it is used to sway public opinion, Your news media is biased! Yet you are a slave to them and let them condition your mind to see the same.

    Your next problem is that you believe that we try to find “loopholes” which is not true. Some small % do and they get caught quickly and removed. A real SEO follows the rules better than the top sites. It is really common sense. And the basics of seo is that whoever follows the rules the best , wins.

    If you play football and you go on the field with a baseball bat, they will throw you out.

    All seo is, is knowing and understanding the rules!

    Now, If your site is in the top 10 of natural search results. You have a larger conversion rate (generating sale, or lead or desired action) than pay per click. This is a proven fact many times over. The cost is not inflated by the bidding process. and people understand that there is a MUCH GREATER chance of being SCAMED by a pay per click site over natural search results. They know you can build a site in a few hours, put a means of payment on it and have an adsense account up and running in 20 mins! They can collect sales and skip out because they have no ties to anything but a 2 hour site and a 20 min ad campaign! All of this is FACT!

    Do some homework!

    It looks like you are Biased and lact education in the field of online marketing!

    You do not have any ground to stand on!~

  29. Oh, And one other thing. I am sure you go into a bank every now and then like bank robbers! So, I guess you can call them your “colleagues”!

    Is this not the same???

    Your whole arguement is futile and baseless.

  30. Oh Jim Jim Jim,

    your comments make me chuckle. Talk about futile? You are coming back to a old post, hell my last comment was over two months ago! Just drop it. I will still believe that SEO is used for bad than good, unless you give me valid sources, which you just keep giving your own examples.

  31. Heres my input on SEO. Its a load of crap! Theres absolutly NOTHING technical required for SEOing. Its just a fancy buzz word used by consultants to trap poor companies who get intemidated by the very phrase it self…and what do the consultants do?? they sit on their lazy behinds and google on for ‘research’ and throw fancy buzz words at their clients…boohoo! SEO sucks.

  32. Seo is the wave of the future. Seo is what levels the playing field in corporate America.

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