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Loads of Spam

So I was just checking my e-mail and I saw that I had 8 or so new comments. I thought that it was pretty cool since I haven’t posted a myth like, the world’s largest bear, or a hot new web tool like, coComment. I went ahead and opened one up. To my surprise, it was spam. The same thing with all of the others.

After that, I checked the spam filter, and had 10 spam comments in there also. Has anybody else been getting tons of spam today?

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15 Responses

  1. Hmm..I always get spam from this guy called Phermentine or so…. Who goes on to sa about Casinos, etc, etc! If more WP users recieve spam from this guy, (reckon it;s a bot), then we can complain and ask Matt to ban him.

    And heaven freak me, I got 23 spam yesterday! LOL! *Goes to start a thread in WP Forums*

  2. Yep, gotten none from that guy

  3. And that is why i have my comments disabled.

  4. lol C, its give an take. without comments you don’t get many visitors, but with comments, you get spam.

  5. Yea, for past 3-4 months, i usualy get 3-5 comments a day. all spam.

    “check out this new online casino”

    Another few weeks, and i’m disabling my comments again.

  6. Broly
    They put your comment in the moderation bin, because what you said.

  7. I rather get no traffic then get comments.My blog is actually for myself so i won’t have to look all over the net for those links or whatever..Plus,i want to get comments from the people i like .

  8. ah I see, so that excludes me 😛

  9. I’ve been pretty quiet on the spam front until this morning. Must be the weather, all the little spam pixxies are coming out of their caves and waking up.

  10. haha true that Adam. it’s crazy.

  11. It doesn’t excludes you,silly.
    I just have to write something worth commenting.That’s all.

  12. lol, ok. Yah, theres a few times I wanted to comment but couldn’t.

  13. Any blog with comments disabled is not a blog… If there is no interactivity, then why call it a Web Log. It’s more of a site!

    @Ryan: Dude, have you got more spam yesterday, 14 more for me. And i posted about this on teh forums, reckon it;s a bot! http://wordpress.com/forums/topic.php?id=838&replies=1#post-4260

  14. Well first don’t attack my readers for their own views. The first few months I had blogger, comments weren’t an option. You could try to get like HaloScan to work but it didn’t always work for me

  15. I got a lot of spammer too in my blog. But Askimet sometimes have wrong decision to include the real comment into spam category.

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