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Star Wars III

Last Saturday night around 11, I decided to pop in a movie, and watched Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith. If you haven’t seen it, we learn how Anakin Skywalker transforms to Darth Vader. I am not sure what I think about it actually. I remember in the old movies it was a special event when somebody brought out their lightsaber. Scenes such as Obi-Wan Kenobi versus Darth Vader in the older ones. Sorry my Star Wars knowledge is slipping right now, so I cannot recall which episode that scene took place in. But in Episode III, it seemed though lightsabers were being drawn every few minutes.

I have to say that if you are any type of Star Wars fan, you enjoy those battles. But like in Episode II, the big fight with seemingly endless numbers of troops on both sides was just a little too much. I guess that is George Lucas’ vision of what needed to be done to answer today’s society for hi-tech movies. But the changes that were done in a sense almost damaged the overall movie, with ships, landscapes, costumes looking pretty futuristic, even though this one was supposed to be taking place beforehand. An example of this over use when Obi-Wan fought Count Dooku, when Dooku welded four lightsabers. I thought that when Darth Maul wielded the double-ended one, it was pretty eye opening.

If you take out the fact that was talked about above, and looked at the story of the movie, you would find it fairly decent. It picked up on the fact that Anakin was particularly mad and frustrated about things, and showed that it lead him to the dark side. But the way he was renamed was sort of lame, it is like George Lucas or his writers didn’t have a clue to make it happen. Here’s my interpretation of that scene. Anakin says ok screw the Jedis, you love me Palpatine, I’ll join if you teach me that skill to save people. Palpatine is like ok, welcome aboard, you now will be Darth Vader. Of course, he paused after saying Darth. Then just before he said Vader, he got this weird face. Like it was coming from no where. A bit of background would have been nice. I have some collector figure with an accompanying book about Vader, I am half tempted to read through that when I get home.

Another thing that sort of annoyed me was the one-liners, then some battle. You could basically tell when this was about to happen. Movies that are predictable like that are usually pretty bad.

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