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My Stats

Yes I am a dork, I have been tracking my hit stats here almost since I started blogging here at WordPress. My stats have been going up pretty good since then. There was a small dip in December, but that could be corrolated with the fact I only posted six times in December. For this month, I only need 300 or so a day for the 27th and 28th of February to hit 7,000 hits for the month. I think it is awesome that I am getting decent traffic. But it’s on the few posts that usually bring people in.

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21 Responses

  1. Wow, that’s really amazing man!! So what is your average daily? A rough one..

    And so you’ve changed to Dusk too. Cheers!!

  2. daily is 200-300.
    I have been using dusk since it came out, so two weeks or so.

  3. So, where are the stats then?

  4. Andrei, you don’t see the stats dude. Only the admin sees it in his/her Dashboard..

  5. He’s not using a WP.com hosted blog.

  6. Yeah, I use my own wp blog 🙂 Anyway, why don’t you use Google analytics or somthing? I’m looking for an invite code to try it out – you know any? Hook me up if you find some 🙂

  7. My stats are ashamed of your stats.Lmao!
    How the hell do you get so much traffic?
    I get most of it from google,yahho and msn searches.

  8. Yahoo i meant.

  9. What do you mean Andrei? Matt or the other wp guys wrote a plug-in for wp.com blog users.
    lol C, well, I posted an urban legend in September. I have anywhere from 30 to 250 hits a day. Then when I did a post about coComment, I got 700 hits.

  10. 700 “flirts ” with your blog isn’t bad at all.

  11. 700 flirts? huh?

  12. I’m never commenting on this blog anymore, lol.

  13. Uhm ok Andrei, that’s your call.

  14. Ummm…yeah.Flirts.

  15. I am not getting what you mean C. I did get 700hits one day.

  16. 700 Flirts?? Hmm..That’s a nice way of putting it but you gotta go indepth to see, which of those flirts got advanced to infatuations, crushes, loves and marriages. ;))

    @Andrei: Ooppss….Sorry dude, you can install Google Analytics or Awstats to get pretty good stats. WordPress uses GA.

    @Ryan: How much do you get from Search engines everyday?

  17. Chrono: Please don’t mock my commenters. What do you mean by what do I get from search engine? Hits? 50 or so.

  18. I was actually referring the no of visitors search engines give you everyday, you can see that in your stats as well!

    Anyways, I wasn’t mocking your friend, just building on his point and I was appreciating his view of putting it actually. Next time you see me use the tag, you’ll know I’m mocking,.

  19. That is about 50+ like I said.
    You were mocking the person that said flirts. Don’t think everybody that comments is a male, because well, they aren’t. What do you mean by using the tag? What tag do you mean. This topic of comments is way off base of this post.

  20. I was actually referring to the tag, which was meant to be a lame attempt at a joke, but oh! Well!!!

    Don’t think everybody that comments is a male, because well, they aren’t.
    I never did….. Now, I Don’t get your comment above?? I was trying another lame attempt at humor, so you can say.

  21. Well your joke made no sense to me.

    You did call C.Trinity a male, twice.

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