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A few of my friends are doing that Johari window thing. Here’s mine, I just want to see what results I get.

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11 Responses

  1. I don’t know you that good but i think with my 5 choices i am not wrong about you.

  2. you can still fill it out if you wish 🙂

  3. Helloooo!
    Check the results.
    I already did it.

  4. What’s your myspace profile link?

  5. lol, I’ll look.
    My MySpace link may I ask why

  6. Ryan,that’s not you.
    Now what’s your profile link,please?
    Why do i ask?I want to see your profile.

  7. oops take the / out after the 4. That’s what messing it up

  8. Oh shoot!
    I had a dead link so i eliminated the r and it sent me to another guy’s profile.
    Anyway,i sent you an e-mail on myspace.

  9. You sent me like 4,lol

  10. Sorry about that.
    I only sent it once but i had a problem in there.

  11. It’s cool, MySpace is like that

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