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Qumana Review

The night of my birthday, I was reading around and saw that Scoble had written a post concerning which editors does his readers use when they don’t choose to use the actual editor which is built in with whatever service they use to blog. A number of the commenters said that they use ecto for their blogging client. I chimed in also and said that I used the ecto blogging client for a number of days. I stopped using it because I had problems uploading the post to the server, I think I know why I had problems but I am not going to mention why.

Anyhow Scoble asked this because he wanted to maybe start using an editor when he has a feeling to blog, but doesn’t have an Internet connection for whatever reason. He pointed out that Qumana has a new version of their new editor/manager out. Me, somebody that likes editors, decided to try it out. Back when I used LiveJournal, I found an editor to use with that. It was just in time for the summer, and we have dial-up still back at home.

I really think that Qumana has some potential. But there is a few things that scare me about Qumana. First off, it feels like it is lacking something, which I cannot name exactly. I think the lack of keyboard actions is part of it. Keyboard actions isn’t the proper word for it, I’ll explain. Usually when navigating something, I click in the frame or window of where I’d like to be, this usually gives that element focus. Then I can use a series of tabs or arrow keys to navigate around. I just tried this and I couldn’t move. It feels as though this program is built on JAVA, and JAVA has problems with this, or its a pain in the neck to do.

Another thing that is a feature according to the creators is allow you to put ads into your blog post, and these ads get carried through to the RSS feed. Where normally ads don’t get transferred. Honestly I don’t see how this is a hot feature that people would love as the site claims. Especially because when there are such add-ins as adblock for Firefox. Unless their aim is towards the spammer community, which I hope not.

Being that this is already version 3, there are other things that are lacking. In the WYSIWYG view you get the add hyperlink action. It has a cool feature of if you go to a site that you are planning to use, and you hit add hyperlink, that URL that you are planning to paste in already in the form entry box. But unless you highlight the text that you are planning make a link first, you get a link with the link’s text being the URL. This also goes for the other functions as well. The italics I just used in the sentence before last, wouldn’t show up until I highlighted and then clicked. The sites that I make, I code by hand and so I am used to doing open tag, text, close tag. So typing text then saying to be bolded or italicized feels a bit odd.

I am still considering buying ecto, but I am not sure if I am willing to lay down $18 for it. I will stay with Qumana for a while and see if it improves. I wish that there was a keep or totally ignore tags option. On my other posts you can see that I use Technorati tags, and as you fellow WordPress.com users know you can no longer embed CSS into posts. So since I don’t necessarily think its needed that the tags need to be seen, I have to use old school <font> tags and use the size attribute. Qumana doesn’t like this (since <font> is deprecated), so it coverts it to a <span> with embedded CSS. By default it uses the <small> tag, so I guess that’s fine. I usually use <font size="-3"> for tags.

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13 Responses

  1. Always goodies in your blog.

  2. Hey
    haven’t hear from you in a while, thanks. Hope all is well

  3. Yeah,i hit and then i sink.
    Everything is just fine.Hope the same with you.

  4. ah gotcha
    Things have been better.

  5. I’m starting to get annoyed with all the overly weird web2.0 names, its turning the web into linux…

    GIMP?!?! what the hell is that?
    oh its photoshop!

  6. Yep me too but Qumana is built on Java and not ajax. I see you aren’t a fan of linux, if you think it has weird names. But please say how linux is correlated with Web 2.0 and its naming. Web 2.0 is based on AJAX which comes from javascript…

    I don’t know if you are playing around or being serious. And if you are being serious, I keep seeing you say how much of a computer geek you are, and you say something like that? Huh? First off GIMP is linux’s photoshop. Second, it’s an computer program, not a web application, so it can’t be a Web2.0 app. Third, it is a fairly old program, first started in 1995/1996. Fourth GIMP is a well formulated name, its an acronym actually. Meaning GNU Image Manipulation Program, once you know that, the name seems logical.

  7. I was only kidding really, but linux does not make it easy for users to recognise programs.

    I can look through a windows start menu and find programs very easier, paint or notepad or photoshop, they all explain themselves very easily, and mac too: iTunes, iPhoto etc.

    Linux is stopping itself growing in popularity by limiting its market to people who are very into computers.

    I do like linux, but i dont really care for the linux communtiy the majority of them seem very elitiest, and tightly knit.

    The names that web2 sites are picking now are just weird, you couldnt tell from the name that Qumana was a blog editor, at least blogger tells you that it has something to do with blogging.

  8. That is more of the user’s incompatiblity to change rather than linux’s naming. In some release of windows, they were going to drop the my’s out of ‘my computer’, ‘my documents’, etc and during the test or whatever the people kind of were freaking out because they found documents not my documents.

    Let’s take your example of paint. I am willing to bet if Microsoft renamed it draw, make the icon a pen or something, and put it on the desktop, people will think they have a new program. But they won’t do that because they could loose people.

    There is some linux communities that are elitiest, and some are very welcoming to brand new users. Can I point out some, no, because I haven’t been looking.

    Well you can say your last argument about anything. A buddy about a year ago was like hey man, I just installed WordPress. The first thing from me was whats that?

  9. Happy birthday. Doing somthing geeky was the last thing on my mind last birthday 🙂

  10. Thanks, why’d you post here not the post about my birthday?

  11. Sorry, I didn’t read the post about your birthday. I read just thist post (from coco, where else?) I’ll spare you the comment and not comment on the other post after finding out that there _is_ another post.

  12. Granted “Qumana” doesn’t really “say” BLOG EDITOR but there are only so many words that you can come up with that use the word Blog. Plus, that would leave us in a lurch if the language ever changed or the focus of the tool became more expansive.

    Thanks anyway for the post and discussion. Always interesting to see what people think. 🙂

  13. Andrei But this post doesn’t really mention by birthday. Cept I found Quamana on my birthday….

    Arieanna- I didn’t say it was a BLOG EDITOR.

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