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Birthday Wrap-up

For those that didn’t see my post the other day, the 14th, was my 22nd birthday. Nothing fancy happened, got the usual phone call from my mother and later on my sister. I also went out to get some Thai food with a friend. That was a bit of a nightmare because the resturaunt was a bit small, so I had to finagale my way in there with my chair. Then I forgot how spicy Thai food is, so when the hostess asked how many stars I’d like. Well, I love Mexican food, and use a healthy amount of Tobasco sauce or something similar, so I told her two stars. What a mistake. About five or so bites into it I got a few tears. By the time I got to a point to say this is as much I am going to eat, it was too late, I couldn’t feel my tounge. I felt like a fool for that, the dish of phad thai that I ordered was pretty good, I had chicken stirred into it as well. Boy, when I was starting to feel my tounge going numb, I was hunting like crazy for them.

If MySpace haven’t of added the birthday notices a while ago, I bet a number of the people that wished me happy birthday wouldn’t even know. Then the same with Facebook. I recieved maybe 30 or so comments on there. I got in a fight with somebody who left me a comment.

A friend, I guess that is what he is, left a happy birthday message. I simply wrote back thanks man, it was weird you wishing me a happy birthday. He sent me a message in reply and deleted the comment that I left. The messages said that it was basically my fault that we never talk. Happy birthday eh? Of course I replied to both of the messages, but yet to hear back from him. I was sort of thinking bad things, but then I realized that it was midterms and such. So hopefully I will hear back later this week.

Being 22, you don’t get all the neat little things you used to. I got two shirts and two pairs of shorts.

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6 Responses

  1. happy birthday, i dont know yr blog, i’m a french girl who leave at paris!!! don’t hesitate to mail me if u want, i will be glad to reply!

    see you

  2. Thanks, I certainly will

  3. Your birthday was on valentines day?

    Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

  4. It’s I don’t know. It sucks most years since I always have beem single.

  5. I know it’s late,but happy birthday Ryan!

  6. Thanks! Only a week

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