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It’ll be a while

I am currently very inodated with school work, and such right now. So I won’t be posting for a few days. I have a few posts to write up. The only one I am going to mention now is a review of my birthday, which was the 14th. Sorry don’t want my thunder stolen.

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13 Responses

  1. happy 14th birthday!

  2. It was actually my 22nd

  3. There were more absense than attendance the class in my college time.

  4. Happy Birthday! It’s my best friends birthday too…

  5. Oh, sorry for missing that point….
    Happy Birthday flock, and thanks for your suggestion on my blog.

  6. Happy B’day 🙂

  7. Ceta please don’t post any such comments again. The first one had no relevance to MY post. And your second also makes no sense.

    Thanks joe

  8. Thanks Aqeel

  9. Haaaapppppyy Birthday Ryan..Have a blast and Oh! Hope to see you blogging pretty much sooon!

  10. Thanks Chrono, maybe later today or this weekend

  11. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I wished you a happy birthday already and I did it on time (or at least i had ever intention on doing it on time) Anyways, heres a belated blogger “happy b-day” ..


    Well some of MY comments have no revelance to your blog post. So pshawwwww *hugs* I hope you’re doing okay Ryan B, both staying busy lately 🙂 I’ll fill you in on the details sometime soon

  12. Well mst of you, if not all of you wished him a happy birthday 2 / 3 days after… I knew and said Happy Birthday a few hours before hand. Therefore I am just better 😛
    But anyway, hope you had a gd time on you day Ryan, and also hope you get your work done and get posting soon… Or I shall just have to sit here bored as ever *sigh*

  13. Oh Cari, you are one of the biggest dorks I know. TTYS dear.


    haha crazy. Thanks

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