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links for 2006-02-14


10 Responses

  1. Hey, how do you get these posts? What software do you use to make the “Links for …” posts?


  2. It is done all through del.icio.us. There is a feature called daily blog posting.

  3. This? http://del.icio.us/settings/andreizilla/daily

    It doesn’t have any documentation. Clicking on Add Thingy adds some sort of confusing thingy. Unless I’m looking in the wrong page.

  4. Yes that’s it. Unfortunately I am busy now so I cannot do a write-up. But I can later or tomorrow.

  5. Ah, here’s my way:
    1) I tag the pages by del.icio.us when browsing online, add my comments to the link by fill in the description/note field.
    2) I publish my blog’s feed by feedburner, where there’s a service for generating these “link for ….” pages that collected from your del.icio.us account into your rss feed, once a day at a regular time (2:00 pm. from my place).
    3) So, everyday when the time comes, I check my rss feed, and make a copy and paste, tagged,……on blogger, the paper work.

  6. Actually you are going in circles, I think. Why are you using feedburner to burn a feed when you can just use the del.icio.us made feed in a feed reader and copying and pasting? You can save yourself a step.

  7. yup, you’re right, Mmm… it seems I made it in a silly way.:D

  8. lol, or just make del.icio.us post directly to your blog?

  9. Aha!!
    Hey, Come on … be kind to a blogosphere newcomer.

  10. heh don’t worry I’ll have a write-up for you

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