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GreaseMonkey: Faster Adding of Technorati Tags

A little while ago I hit the next blog button there at the top. (You have to be logged in with a WordPress.com account) I was sent to this guy’s blog. Luckily his top post caught my eye, it is a GreaseMonkey script that he found out about.

You can grab the GreaseMonkey script, here. After taking a look at the script, I had to do some minor changes. The default adds a horizontal rule or one of those grey bars that go across the page. Now my script looks like:

a += '\n\n<p align="right"><font size="-3">Technorati Tags: ';
for(var i=0; i <tr> 0) a += ', ';
a += '<a>' + tr[i] + '</a>';
a += '</p>';
document.getElementById('content').value += a;
}, false);

This is not the entire script, just the chunk that I have edited myself.

Technorati Tags: , , ,


8 Responses

  1. Does adding those tags submit your entry to those spesific tags on the Technorati site?

    Changed for the better, Ryan; no bloody horizontal rule.

  2. They should, but for some reason it takes a while to show up. Like it says I haven’t updated in almost 4 months…I am not sure what to think. I do it just incase.

  3. […] A lot of people here @ WordPress including Steph who was fervently asking Matt for this will be pleased to see this great greasemonkey script. Thanks Ryan for pointing me towards this. And a bigger thanks to LouCypher for working hard to make this script. We all owe you LC! […]

  4. Thanks a lot Ryan for finding this… As the Big Mac says “I’m lovin it”.

  5. No problem. The next blog button is handy

  6. Yeah, Thank Donncha for that.

  7. Technorati Tags Greasemonkey Update

    Because of the changes in WordPress.com Dashboard URL, the Technorati Tags Button Greasemonkey script stops working.
    To continue to work with it,

    Open Greasemonkey User Scripts Manager
    (Tools -> Manage User Script)
    Select WordPress.com: Add Technor…

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