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Getting Around Firewalls

I tipped Dewayne off about his fastest growing blog here on WordPress. Unfortunately, I am no longer there. But Dewayne couldn’t see this due to the fact that he can no longer login here at work. Tuesday was one of those days that things clicked. I saw he left a comment about this, and under a minute later, I got an idea, how he could publish posts and potentially answer comments on his WordPress blog without signing in.

This is not a complete and grounded idea, but a working one till I get answers.

As we learned a few weeks ago, WordPress has reopened the capability to import. Thus is what I am using for the legs of this little move. So what you do is set a blogger account up, and basically import.

Once you set you blogger, and also set up a Blog*Spot account, you can set an option that lets you e-mail your posts into your blogger. In mine I didn’t always use paragraph tags, yes I know, when I started blogging there my buddy told me to always delete them, so I figured out what to do to get the e-mailed posts look the same as my others.

Unfortuneately, I tried doing this yesterday, but it didn’t completely work. I was hoping that the link between Blogger and WordPress would stay intact, but it’s a one time shot. I didn’t try importing again because I have around 80 posts. So I don’t need that many duplicate entries.

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4 Responses

  1. Wow, that is a very interesting idea. So I guess we should be asking for the ability to emails our post into WordPress.Com.

    Thanks for the thinking and the linkage!

  2. No problem. Maybe I can talk to somebody and maybe they can make it like an RSS feed into WP…

  3. Yeah, and you have to import times and times again, until move all post to the new host. I tried and give it up too.

  4. See I thought about that, but then I bet you’d have more than one copy of older posts.

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