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Gtalk in Gmail

Gmail is great. The latest buzz. I think that this is fabulous. It almost gives my boss and I a reason to use gmail more at work. We are often a down around the corner from each other. Often times our questions to each other is pretty quick. Now we can just shoot each other a gTalk message and ask away.

My first question is will it allow offline messages? I find this quite handy at times with like friends that live in different time zones and such.

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30 Responses

  1. That’s fairly nice. Does it work within Thunderbird, though?

  2. I am going to say no, because google doesn’t own/run Thunderbird. But perhaps a plug-in down the line? No idea. It’s only on the web interface

  3. Ah, of course. I confused the two.

  4. Yeah, but who really knows. I think this was a big wish of people, at least the logging chats in your Gmail account, a few months ago after GTalk was realised. Maybe Google is actually listening to their users. Which I think so. I know I did a few of the tick boxes for new things on Gmail, and they have been implemented.

  5. Ryan – I really, really appreciate the heads up on the fastest growing wordpress listing. I became blocked on Monday from getting to WordPress.com so without your heads up I would not have been able to get my wife to get me a screen print of that wonderful event! I hope I can repay the favor soon!

  6. No problem. Why were you blocked? Like at work?

  7. Yes the corporate firewall finally got and update and found out about WordPress.com and blocked it! Major bummer

  8. Aw man that does suck…I know a work around already, but I have to run to class. I know it will work unless what I am thinking of is a one time shot…more later.

  9. Dewayne, could you not just use a proxy? Something like Proxify?

  10. I would say that it would have to do with how the network is set up.

  11. Yes, but at our college for example…. there are many pages blocked, but we can just get by that by using a proxy.
    The proxies eventually get blocked…. then I just move onto the next one!

  12. lol, that’s great. Did you post that in Dewayne’s blog just incase he doesn’t see that post here.

  13. I didn’t but now that you have told me too…. I will go there now 😛 Nothing else to do 😛

  14. Well it’s for him…

  15. Erm… where exactly should I post it under, don’t want to post it in a totally unrelated comment 😛
    Maybe I should just email him lol

  16. Well I assumed you didn’t know his e-mail, hence blog comment.

  17. Well I assumed that his email address would be listed…. which it doesn’t appear to be, so I will have to randomly comment somewhere….

  18. Yep, sorry

  19. Hey crazybarbour – I am sorry about not getting back to you sooner dog gone proxy blocker.

    I am concerned about the ramifications of bypassing the proxy and getting caught by the proxy nazi’s. They have a big ugly warning about every single page that we hit on the proxy that is blocked by them saying if you look at these pages too many times we might fire you!

    I really appreciate the ideas though!

  20. Yeah I had the same sort of feeling Dewayne. I am not sure where you work but they’d find you sooner or later.

  21. OK… talk about overkill, why the tight security? Would they fire you over such a little thing? I would get an attorney, and if they fire you sue their ass, simply saying I was browsing during my breaks, and was not doing anything destructive the the company… :S

    Well sorry I couldn’t help 😥

  22. The problem with that is you knew you weren’t supposed to be out of the intranet and like CNN. Plus they can say you downloaded a bug that caused x amount of money.

  23. Hmmm… You could bring in a laptop into work, and get satellite broadband! It is totally portable (when I say portable, I am more like possible to carry around) average speed 512Mb upload and download… But it is pretty pricy.
    It is a pretty extreme solution tho! There are other solutions like using your laptop and your mobile.

  24. Yeah if you need to post or get to a site that bad you should take a step back and think about stuff.

  25. Well, being so much online services you use. I think you should find ways to expand your windows desktop first.
    PS: I’m not sure it’s really neccessary to combine gtalk into gmail.

  26. Ceta- can you explain your comment or point a tad bit more. Are you saying since I still use Windows I shouldn’t talk about computers?

  27. Hi there..

    Talking about GTalk, how do I know that I am blocked by a person in my GTalk contact list?


  28. Ces, I am sorry, I do not work for Google. So I cannot answer your question.

  29. I work for a software firm n gmail and other mailing sites is obviously blocked. Ne idea how can i connect using gtalk ??? something with the connection settings ???

  30. Hi there..

    Talking about GTalk, how do I know that I am blocked by a person in my GTalk contact list?

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