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So I just saw that the same few posts that are usually in my top posts are there. Since WordPress’ servers run on GMT, they are ahead of me by 8 hours. So it has already done the tallying for my current day the fourth. My all famous World’s Largest Bear myth post pulled in just under two hundred hits today. That’s one of my higher hits for that post in a single day for some time.

It usually pulls in around a hundred or so. It just makes me wonder why only that post gets hits and so few comments. I mean I have had it up since sometime in mid-October and like only 40 comments. Now granted I don’t especially want 100+ a day saying that this is a myth, which I have had a number of them, but I wonder if these two hundred people look else where on my blog. I also have some 150 or so posts on this blog. I get comments irregularly from friends that read this, but I wonder why these others don’t make any remarks. But sometimes I do make my posts vague so only those that do know me know what happens.

Anyhow back to my reason for this post. I thought that my lovely bear myth post would make it to that category. But then I remember how there was an uproar how this unknown blogger named AtariBoy took the top blog spot from Scobleizer. His post getting some 14,000 hits that day. So I don’t think my myth post would ever get there.

Note: I started this post around dinner on the 4th.

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10 Responses

  1. Hiya, I noticed that you put a post about my blog, It got so many hits because i got on the front page of digg.com

    It went up to nearly 15000 in one day and had dropped back down now, although i am still getting about 600 hits a day when before i was getting about 70.

    I didnt notice much of an uproar, could u direct me to any other posts, i wanna be nosey and see what people thought of my jump to the top!

  2. Hey,
    Yah I only mentioned your blog because I was like who the heck beat Scoblie. I found a few post that were like “who is this AtariBoy?” I can’t really say where or who posted them…I think Scoblie did one. Check that post for trackbacks or Google it?

  3. I’ve got another story on the front page of digg, so it might be going back up to the top again, althoguh i dont think i’ll be getting that many hits this time.

  4. what is it now?

  5. Some Download and torrent links for the IT crowd, my new fav TV show:

    2200 views in 1hr 20 mins so far

    That reminds me, im going to add you to my blogroll if thats ok.

  6. That’s freaking insane. Noooooooooo please don’t add jk jk. I’ll add back

  7. Cheers
    I’ve put one other post on digg too:

    A preview of my new fav site cocomment, if you have a digg account i’d love another digg!

    300 more views in the last 10 mins 🙂

  8. I am getting it now. 300 views? crap

  9. element summrization about a top posts, from American view?

  10. Ceta please stop making comments that don’t help the conversation. This was about WordPress,but you use blogger and didn’t have any idea what I was posting about.

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