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So I just happen to be browsing blogs and I have heard about this new commenting system called coComment. It is let’s you track comments on blogs from like WordPress that aren’t yours. I happened to be trying random codes and tried one. I got in!

There’s already a GreaseMonkey Script made here

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26 Responses

  1. Hiya, do you have an invite for cocomment that you could spare?

    It looks kinda interesting.

  2. i just recieved an official invite and noticed your name on the top commentors list. not sure if it’s there anymore. you beat me to the service!

  3. Atariboy- sent

    D- yah, I was broswing blogs and found one that worked, then I got one this morning. Yah I was #7 at like 3am. but god knows now. But I put a screenie in another post

  4. Thanks very much, Just trying it out now, it seems to be one of the few useful web2.0 services!

  5. No prob man.

  6. I dont know if i’m just being dumb, but where did you find the invitations, i cant find them on the site, thats if i have any.

    Your at number 5 at the moment

  7. I found the one I used last night on a random blog. And the one I gave you was in my inbox when I sat down at my computer today…I don’t have any like you go on say gmail.
    Wow, #5, thanks for the update I will take a look 😉

  8. Some codes for you guys:


  9. Thanks Laurent, This is going to be a huge hit with the blogosphere!

  10. I am up and running on coComment and it is working great!

    Did anybody see the Bud streaker commercial? I had to LOL on that one. The only one I have laughed at so far.

  11. Thanks Laurent, where did you get these?

  12. Welcome Dewayne, I have slipped to #4– I was #3 😦

  13. Laurent is the man behind Cocomment!

  14. Does everyone just watch the super bowl for the adverts?

  15. He is? I thought he was somebody else. heh

  16. I don’t have a TV so no, lol. But they have all of them on the website. GoooooooooooooDaaaaaaaddy lol

  17. I dont have a TV since ours caught fire last year, and im much better off without it!

  18. On fire? what the hell? Yeah at home I only watch the news really…

  19. We had a pumpkin sitting on top of it, and some liquid from it dripped inside on the power electronics, and WOOF!!

    If you turn it back on it catches on fire again!!

  20. That’s awesome, lol

  21. RyanB -> I’m somehow involved in this project 😉


  22. ah I saw that post this morning and I didn’t see that first paragraph so yah. Whats that 100 != 100 deal? I read about it and didn’t understand

  23. When you get 1000 comments on a post of your blog, you are hotter (imho) than a post that has 100 blogs linking to it. You have the attention of 1000 people vs the others having 100 people’s attention.

    Before cocomment the only way to find what is hot was to count links. Now there is a new way, and it’s by identifying the most intense conversations.

    If you speak french I can explain that more clearly I guess 😉

  24. 1000 comments on one post would be insane…
    No I don’t speak it really, I know a little.

  25. […] via Ryan’s Blog […]

  26. […] So I was just checking my e-mail and I saw that I had 8 or so new comments. I thought that it was pretty cool since I haven’t posted a myth like, the world’s largest bear, or a hot new web tool like, coComment. I went ahead and opened one up. To my surprise, it was spam. The same thing with all of the others. […]

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