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coComment: Top Ten

coComment_top_ten So I am not sure why I am still up. But I just saw I am in the top ten right now for this new technology that’s spreading like mad. I am sure in a few hours I will be a nobody, and my comment count low. Cheers

UPDATE:Now number 5 now 4 after updating… [won’t repost a screenie]

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60 Responses

  1. Hey, Ryan, I just overtook Chrono so you and I are the top two coCommenters!

  2. Great job Jack!

  3. Thanks, Ryan! ‘We are the best’!

  4. hehe yep, let’s stay solid!

  5. Ryan, maybe this is the thread where we can talk about being top of the tree … plus I posted something here which will keep this sort of topic relevant. (It’s my version of your post.)

  6. This isn’t the place for it. What possibly could be talked aboout.Look I am on top then an hour later haha you are on top. It’s almost like you doing a number of test posts in the test blog…

  7. Yeah, I am waiting for you to catch up and am actually refraining from posting!

  8. What? frankly I got upset at first, but now I don’t care. And I am stopping this thread because I wanting it to stay about my being about being in the top ten.

  9. Jeepers, Ryan, I was just kidding with you. Don’t know why you are upset. And this is still on topic as you are still in the top 10. But I will respect your wishes and make this my last post on this thread.

  10. I know, but reading some comments, it almost looks as though you are just trying to boost comments, hence the next comment thread im going to reply to.

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