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coComment: Number 1

Screen shot of me in the top slotHere I posted that I was number 4, well now I am number one. I thought that this deserved its own post because being on top for a while on a new trend is pretty cool. Now I am not getting warm fuzzies or anything remotely like that. It’s just cool to see your user name on top. Now I only wish I could grab a story that would give me some more popularity. Yeah, I could probably talk about the details at work like what I do and what I have learned, but most people wouldn’t find it useful.

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48 Responses

  1. Kinda. But mainly I did it just incase somebody found this post and not my other. heh

  2. congrats on your achievement.

  3. Thanks I am nearly at a day at #1

  4. awesome..i just started but i’m going for number 1 ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. hehe good luck. Your blog doesn’t accept them…

  6. what do you mean doesn’t accept them??

  7. Your blog is getting to nรบmero uno.

  8. Do you moderate your comments? All mine seem to be sucked into a black hole.

  9. I am going for a gd solid number 5…. not the best, but pretty high up there.
    I don’t want to be blogging just to be the the best, but because I am interested or have something worth saying… usually trying to cut out the spam…

  10. Is this just a huge popularity contest?

  11. Most ppl are taking it that way lol
    I tried not to make it a contest, but when I usually am posting anyway, and getting my comment number up… I got pretty competitive ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Trying to make a name of myself…. which won’t happen for a long long time! but hey, I am young…

  12. Ryan’s a jerk.

  13. Yeah, ryan’s a real jerk.

    (OK, seriously, did you get up there just by posting helluva lot of comments?)

  14. Popularity contest!! LOL

    that what it seems to be.

    and let the games begin.

  15. Haarball… which Ryan? Ryan B or Ryan…? I am confused.

    And Game on indeed…. rank 5, which was my target, but now I am there…. I think 3 is gd ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. Ryan I click the button because greasemonkey didnt pick up. It gave me an error saying this blog can’t communicate with coComment…

  17. ok, I got onboard at 2 am about my time and was just posting comments like on Scoble, and since he was up too we talked a bit. I wasn’t even trying to be #1, I was just finding blogs, like the one that did the Greasemonkey script and stuff…

  18. Ryan B.

    Yeah I went to check and it’s giving me the same error. I posted my prob in the forum.


  19. that is what I was talking about exactly…

  20. LOL!! I think andreizilla is going nuts trying to figure out what’s going on with his posts

  21. Great Job Ryan! It is fun and no dull moments!

  22. 88 Comments and number 1, keep it up man! Anyway, I think coCo is giving your blog some popularity as well.


    If you don’t mind this, how many hits have you recieved yesterday/today – 2nd fastest growing blog in WP!

  23. I just wish my comments would show up. It’s getting irritating.

  24. Why won’t it work?! None of my comment’s are showing up in the blog.

  25. Ryan. He posted a few saying just test test basically spam comments. Now wp thinks its spam haha. I deleted all of them because that’s messed up that he’s artifically inflating his number… if he does it more I will have to black list him, sorry. There is a testing blog but its not mine.

  26. Thanks Dewayne! There is a few…

  27. Yah I am catching up to scoble *shakes.

  28. Andrei please read my comment to Ryan…If you do anymore test test post i will have to black list you. My blog isn’t your testing places, nor is it a place to inflate your count by doing bad post…do you realise that you did 10 or 15 testing comments, c’mon man that’s pretty lame.

  29. crazybarbour: Either. It was a joke.

  30. lmao, there is a difference Haar…

  31. well, will I keep my rank into top 10 tomorrow?

  32. If you keep dropping comments all over the place like you are now, most certainly.

  33. Steph, I love coco service because I believe it’s the trend for a everyone “bloggingosphere”, which gonna be one sentence concluding. There’re more than 100 million internet browers in CHINA, but less than 10 thousand blogger among it, and how about the US, the world? They are not willing to blog their life so that they would track their passing life someday? I don’t think so. They just can’t find enough sentences and words for combining their viewpoint into a post.

  34. CetaMac: I hear you, and it sure would be great if more people in China start blogging — but I’m not sure what that has to do with leaving comments all over the place.

  35. further more if you don’t think it’s a spam, or just pass on it if you really think so. You meant to use “drop” word, I’m sorry for uncertain your real meaning us I a nonenglish speaker, but a Chinese. Maybe you meant the shit from a bird, or I’m just thinking about this as an evil and if so I apologize to you. What I did, is just encourage other chinese, who still think internet means email and IM service, to join into trends of web2.0.

  36. Steph, I’m a rough “here”.

  37. I am not saying you think evil. It’s just that when I pull Robert Scoble’s comment feed and find 20 comments from you all in a row, less than a minute apart, and which are for the most part meaningless, I get the impression you’re just “commenting for commenting”, and it’s a nuisance.

    Comment when you really have something to add to the conversation — not just to improve your cocommenter ranking.

  38. Hey, I’m sorry if I really did so, “20 comment” in row? I can’t believe it. Would you accept my apologizing once more and I promise you and Ryan posting quality comment in future?

  39. I don’t know if it was really 20, but it was an awful lot (the bigger part of that comment feed). Apologies accepted for the annoyance it caused me (but that’s personal) — however, you don’t owe me anything. I’m not going to monitor the quality of your comments.

    It’s mainly for you — you’re not going to make yourself popular or respected by leaving that kind of empty comment everywhere you can. It just annoys people.

    As for Ryan… well, I can’t speak for him.

  40. Thanks for your kindness, cowgirl! I can go to bed now, since we talked along my whole sleeping night here.

  41. Congrats dude, I think you will hold that position for a while!

  42. Awsome, good job.

  43. “well, will I keep my rank into top 10 tomorrow?”
    Ceta, it all depends what others do

  44. Yes Certa I am am getting a little tired of having 3 posts from you saying three lines then a minute later you saying a continuation…its like you are just trying to inflate your coComment count. This is no grade school popularity contest. Certainly if you can do a few multiple line posts in under a minute, you aren’t all of a sudden have new points to share.

    Thanks Molly and Andrei

  45. Ryan are you running a coComment bot jk ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. haha nope.

  47. The comment that has been removed because it was spam.

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