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Update 2-4-06

I feel like I should, and want to update, but there isn’t really anything that comes to mind. Earlier this week, I and a third year PhD Computer Science student figured out what was happening to these two files that I was trying to emboss for almost a month. It took us looking a the byte code that makes up every character. We found out that the three-byte codes that represented a return were not from a Windows or a Mac machine. So since the Computer Science department has unix machines, we thought it was that.

That’s actually not it. Somewhere down the line one of the e-mail programs are messing with the encoding of the file and changing things around. Which the weird thing is that I have been doing this for over two years, and never had this issue in the past. So we are trying to check everything out to figure what is going on.

Between trying to troubleshoot this myself, talking to my boss, and finally this graduate student, I have been wondering about what would have happened if one of the other guys got ahold of this before I did? Of course one of the files in question would not initially even open, so there’s that.

Then of course, on Tuesday and Thursday I got to have fun with the elevator. Tuesday it broke seven or so times, and Thursday only about five times. Each time the on-call repair guys just fixed it long enough to allow me to get to my floor. On Tuesday night, after my night class I had to wait about an hour until they came and fixed it. While I was waiting there, people passed me, sadly only a small number of people stopped and asked why I was chilling there. Unfortunately some of those people didn’t believe me when I said they were broke. That night the elevator doors were completely open with the ground of the elevator about three or four inches above the regular floor. They had to get in and push the buttons to see if they could make it work.

They would climb out and tell me that it must be broken. I tried my best to hide my expression and me saying ‘no shit? really!? I didn’t know.’ They all insisted that they could call somebody. Which everytime except once the only person they could call was about two feet away from me.

That’s all that has been going on here. I will be 22 in 9 days, woooo?


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