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Aide Woes

So sometimes I am not too happy with the fact that I have to rely on others to function daily. But I should really be greatful for the little I do need help. My aide does things that most people do daily without thought, I can do everything that he is paid to help me with, but the time and effort that it takes me to do these things is quite a lot.


Now somebody in my father’s mindset would say this struggle, for lack of a better term, is nessicary and is good for me. Although now that I am on my own I have to depend on people and things a bit more than I used to. For example, I have to depend on my wheelchair some more to get food and such. But beack to my father’s mindset, he thinks it is good for me to struggle for five minutes to get a single sock on. Sometimes I hate that if I go to from my desk to my bed, I am huffing and puffing a bit. This is because I haven’t had a regular workout since I began college.


I know people that need almost around the clock care, so house-work, tlhe end parts of dressing are really nothing. So when somebody is paid to do this and they don’t really do it seriously, it gets on my nerves.

What happened this last week really got to me. The week before last I had told my aide that I needed to have my laundry done, because I didn’t too many things to wear left, and I am not going to wear dirty clothes. All week long he said I will do it tomorrow and such. I was like fine, fine because I still had about a weeks worth left. So last Monday was the last straw, I told him that it wasn’t very good that he just kept putting it off and putting it off, and that he needs to do it today because after tomorrow, my drawer will be empty. He went onto tell me this story how he couldn’t stay to my laundry, and how it was easier for him to do it at his house. At that point, I didn’t care how it was getting done, just that it was. Tuesday he showed up with my clothes in the laundry bag. I was pretty ticked at that point, because I had no idea when they were done, just that they were in a big ball. He said something about folding them and they’d be fine upon wearing them. I told him that they were already wrinkled and by folding them, they wouldn’t be that much different.

He said that they would look nice when I wore the shirt. Which I doubted. So after some discussion he agreed that they should be ironed prior to folding, and set them atop my wardrobe, which was fine. He said initially that he’d come Sunday and iron and fold them. I said why in 5 days, why not on Thursday or Friday. He said he could do it after he assists me Friday morning. I said ok. On Wednesday, I believe I verified Friday again, I think this may have been a yes or moved to Friday night. I said fine, I just wanted the task of my laundry complete. Thursday he said he meant Saturday about at 3pm, so I said ok. Friday, I was like ok see you tomorrow at 3pm. He was like ‘no, I said Sunday at 3pm.’ I told him for the past day and a half you said Saturday at 3pm and he couldn’t change it like this. He told me he had to work on Saturday. So Sunday, I hung out till 3:30, I called and asked where he was. He said he was at work and that he meant he was coming at 6. I told him how I needed to go study and now my day was ruined because he did this, which it was.

At 4:15 he calls me, and was like ‘hey, you know what, how about I just grab those in the morning after I help you?’ I told him no way, he set this back 5 times already, he should come and get them at 6. So at 6:15 I called him and asked where he was, because he made it sound like he would walk in at 6. He told me he was coming, and he showed up less than 15 minutes later, grabbed the shirts, shoved them in a bag and left. Monday he showed up with the shirts. I didn’t have my glasses on, but they looked long to be folded. He went and put them away, and after he left, I checked and he didn’t fold them at all.

So Tuesday morning, I asked about why he didn’t fold them. He looked at me with a completely serious look and said ‘I didn’t know you wanted them folded.’ I almost fell off my chair. Then after I reminded him that the point ironing the shirts was so they looked good when he folded them, and also when I went to waer the shirt.


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