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Quiz 1

Thursday just about killed me. I had a quiz in Political Science, work, DASA meeting, my night class, then the library (for about 20 minutes). I was gone from 10:30 am till just after 8 that night. Pretty much I paid for that Thursday and somewhat Friday morning. But of course I didn’t get to eat too much, so that is why I had a splitting headache after I got home Thursday night, and woke up at midnight or so with one. Instead of getting up like I planned to I just continued to sleep. The only thing I probably would have done is eat, but the only thing I really have in my cubbord chili. And chili at that time wouldn’t sit particularly well after a while.

I think the quiz in my political science class went fine. I have to check the schedule because although the professor called it a quiz, it was pretty lengthy. On the three IDs that we had to do, I wrote a page in all. Which for me is pretty good. I think and I am hoping I did pretty well on the quiz. I will find that out in a few days.

Work was work. I have been struggling to get some files to work properly. One program, will say this file is crap and has tons of errors. Then another program says that file is all good. I am totally unfamilar with the material, so in the Braille program I can’t tell if everything is being seen. Not to mention that I don’t know the computer language language that they are written in to well.

Then I had to deal with a co-worker. He usually comes in and checks his gmail for the first 20 or so minutes of his shift. My boss has told him that he’s not allowed to do that, we can check mail for 5 or so minutes, but not that long. Of course my co-worker says I check my email. Well, yes I do check mine at work, but he doesn’t realize that I come in almost every day an hour early and stay 30 minutes to an hour every day. Then after a decent amount of time went by I reminded him how he should think about checking the work account. Of course I had to move because the computer I normally work at is set up with Outlook Express.

Of course, instead of grabbing the pdf and letting me go back to work, he had to examine and comment on the thing. What happens is we get a request to do a chapter at a time instead of each picture. Makes sense really, some chapers are 20 to 30 pages, and sometimes have up to about four images per page. Well my co-worker saw that this chapter only had like one or two images, and made a comment about how dumb it was that they had sent us the whole chapter versus the few pages a picture is on. I kindly reminded him how books are scanned and coverted to both plain text and a pdf on a chapter by chapter basis and that it isn’t this partiular senders job to pick out the images. My co-worker didn’t like the idea of that, and how it was a waste of time. I pointed out that it took him maybe a whole minute or two to scroll through this pdf. He told me that i really didn’t understand what it took to make these graphics. Uhm ok, I don’t know how to? How about no? I have been working there since Oct ’03, when I had to hand trace each image on the computer from a screen cap from a pdf, and not the quick task of copying it from a pdf, copying to PhotoShop, adding some Braille in Corel and embossing it.


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