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UW Webspace Update

I was wide awake here at 2-3 am, and I got bored so I began a revamp of my UW website. I have to admit it is pretty boring, but if you have any ideas what to put on there please give me the ideas.


8 Responses

  1. The blue on that page is killing me.
    Do you need ideas of what to write in there or ideas for design?

  2. Why is it killing you?
    Both. Mainly content idea’s. But if you think I should do something different, let me know.

  3. Well,for many reasons i do not like blue,but that blue is making me close the page faster than i usually do.It’s not soft enough i guess.
    As content..umm…lemme think…
    How about surveys?

  4. Yeah, but I guess I didn’t want to play with it at 530 am. So I was like meh whatever.
    What kind of surveys though, lol. I’d also need to look up the PHP for it.

  5. What kind?Ummm…i don’t know,Ryan.
    All sorts of surveys.
    Student life,needs,pleasures,politics,preferences….
    men,women…anything you want.

  6. That’s my point. I don’t know what kind…
    Why doesn’t you blog have comments by the way?

  7. My blog have comments,but i have them disabled.
    When i will write personal stuff,ask for opinions or need help with something,i will enable them.
    Try a google search on ‘survey’ to get a general idea.

  8. When will that be? And yes, I know what a survey is. I don’t know what to ask. I mean if I say what is Ryan’s summer job 95+% of people would get it wrong unless they guess.

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