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Viruses in Images

There is a new flaw inside of Windows, using the Microsoft Picture & Fax Viewer. I haven’t got a chance to look up the real details about it. When I first read about it in a Wall Street Journal news brief, I couldn’t help not laughing at myself over it. Not because the is a new flaw in the Windows Operating System, but this type of threat was discussed over a Google group that I was fairly active in, but due to a decline in decent topics I stopped.

Anyhow, during that thread on viruses or whatever it was originally about, I brought up how virus creators take apart images and embed their virus, that executes after the picture is opened. Two or three of the members, who claimed to be computer guys at various businesses where they live, said that I surely didn’t know what in the world I was talking about. They said a picture file cannot be tampered with because it is strictly that, a picture file. I made a few logical reasons about my position. One was pointing out that there is programs out there that opens up various things and if you know how to read the raw code, you can import and place anything in there. My other point brought out the probably the most logical point, it is that virus creators have to hide their virus somehow. Otherwise they would be sending a file around with an extension of .virus or something, basically giving the whole sneaky business away.

I forget what happened exactly after that other than having them attack my claims. Probably after a series of lame attacks from them I just stopped replying on that thread, and they declared their knowledge about computers. But according to the Wall Street Journal article that I read the virus gets around via opening an image. No!?! Really?!? Go figure, I was right, duuuuuuuuude no way. I knew what I was talking about.

This is almost as bad as the Computer science and Informatics departments saying I don’t know anything about computers, and I shouldn’t bother to try to get a job anywhere in the IT industry. I may not have gotten a perfect grade in the class, but considering the fact I have been using computers since 1992, I probably should and do know a thing or two about the things.

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4 Responses

  1. It takes a lot of energy to explain some things.
    Especially if the people to whom you are explaining to,still think that the internet and computers are harmless this days.

  2. Yup, but the thing is they said they were computer guys.


  4. What Jeremy? You were last night I think.

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