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Week 12-16 to 12-25 Review

Yeah yeah I should have done week 50-51 review but oh well. Get over it. I have been home from school, and the week has flown by. I didn’t do anything during the week really. My sister,Rebecca, had this idea of getting new pictures taken of her and I back before Thanksgiving. During Thanksgiving, the time just flew by so we didn’t take the pictures then. So when Rebecca came and got me on Friday the 16th, we ran to Wal-Mart to get our pictures taken. That week she had called ahead and asked when the portraits would be in, luckily by taking them on the 16, they’d be back on Christmas Eve. Of course, she had to use the restroom the minute we got to Wal-Mart. The parking lot was a zoo, so she dropped me off infront of the store and went to find a spot. While waiting out front, I was occasionally looking at people that was coming in and out, alongside a few dirty looks, I saw the girl that I had posted abou a few times here and on my Live Journal, whom I have liked off and on since early elementary school. Giving a double look I told myself that it wasn’t probably her. Because if it was, she’d more than likely say hi. The ‘oh I didn’t see you’ would not work because there was only a slight number of people going in and out and I am one of the only ones in my town that uses a walker. So noticing me isn’t like picking a needle from a stack of hay.

When my sister came from parking the car, I headed towards the portraits center and my sister ran to the bathroom, there the girl was picking up potraits. Once again, one of the few people that uses a walker, and breathes quite heavy after a distance, I am not hard to miss, especially standing 5 feet behind you. I didn’t even get a hello or a smile or even a look over the shoulder. I am also not the type that would strike up a conversation in a situation like that. An overdramazation of this would be if you heard a dog barking nearby and don’t even look to see where it’s coming from. So just as she was about done, Rebecca was out of the restroom and asked isn’t that her? I told her yes, and Rebecca was shocked that I was not even acknowledged.

Next it was our turn at the portrait center. The lady who was in charge was particularly rude. There was her and the guy that takes the pictures. She told us that right now she is triple booked at that particular time, and only one photographer. Well there is only one boothe, so multiple photographers is a bit pointless to me. You know how much energy it takes to hit the the button a few times? We continued to shop, and purposely walked by there a number of times; each pass-by the place was not busy at all.

A week or so before I was picked up from school, I was told that my sister wanted a television set for when she moves into her apartment. I said I would buy it for her. Neither of them believed me. After seeing that she was pretty bummed about how we were treated and it was the last day to get them before the holidays. So I said we were going to get a TV for her. I forget the brand it is, but it is what my sister wanted. A dual tape/dvd built in the television.

So that was Friday, about the most productive, the rest of the time I just slept in. A few days before I came home, I bought the game Civilization IV. I won’t explain any of the aspects of the game because it is too long. That what consumed my week. Then the weekend hit. Saturday got up ate and then got ready for the night.

I was a bit shocked to hear that there was actually going to be a Christmas this year at my grandmothers. Dinner was at 5:30, Rebecca and I got there about at 5:00. The night went fine, the usual, the smaller kids running around, me having my butt planted on the couch or something likewise, talking to relatives. Dinner was okay, nothing like it used to be with two kinds of meat and such. Kind of sad how lame its gotten. Then came the gift opening. My grandma’s theme this year was books for the boys. I got some book about the skies and earth. My 13 year old cusin seemed more interested in it. My grandma told me like midweek that she didn’t have a gift yet and ask about books. I told her that I was studying Political Science so anything around that would be good. Not sure were space came from. The second oldest of the grand childern (I’m the third oldest) got this hard cover book on Star Wars. I know I have mentioned that I like the movies a lot before to her, but now he’s the big Star Wars nut. That got me confused as hell.

Afterwards Rebecca and I headed to our fathers, that was quite interesting. We walk in and my father has just got a new living room set. Not even going to guess how much that cost. His other new toy is a 42 inch flat screen TV. So we just had two boxes from him, and a stocking filled with candy. I got two long-sleeve shirts that are too small and I don’t wear long -sleeved shirts. After that Rebecca and I headed home.

Then it was Christmas. It was good. Mom got me three DVD’s, two of them she swears I asked for them. One of those two I never heard of. So I am like okay thanks. Got a few clothing items, books, and a microwave. I also got Doom3 for the computer. That doesn’t work fully with my computer. There are probably a few other things I have missed.


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