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Crying Girls

As I headed off to bed this morning, a girl entered the lounge beneath me talking on her cell. I knew eother one of two things were going to happen. Either she’d loudly talk with one of her girlfriends or to her current soon-to-be ex-boyfriend. But last night it was the latter. Knowing that it was after 2 am I couldn’t ever so politely tell her to be quiet, unless I want to deal with a pretty emotional girl and maybe get my head ripped off. Laying in bed, I couldn’t help much not to listen. The things she said just made me wondered what made it go sour.

From what she said they had some long term plan(s). Which sounded to me that she really wanted to happen. She also said things like “I don’t love you, I deeply love you.” and also “I love you so much, I cannot live without you.” To me those both sounded like she meant them. Once I heard a girl saying basically the last thing in a similar situation. But she did so in a way that made it sounnd as though she was truely was saying “I made you, without me you’d be nothing, you’d be dead.”

Like I said earlier, I wondered what happened, because if she did mean it, I know I would have given into that. Laying there alone, I just started thinking how I was doing exactly that, and would like it if a girl would say that to me or having a girl knock on my door at two or three in the morning wanting to spend time with me– wanting to just lay there beside me. Now I have a question for people that read this and hope I get a few honest replies. Back in my LiveJournal days, I joined the UW community. This has a lot of people on there and I am half assed to see if any girls will take me up on it, or would I just get shunned by the community. I have seen people asking for shopping buddies and such, but is asking for a date relevant for that community?


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  1. Honestly, I don’t see how it could hurt, except of course if nobody answers, but that’s the sort of risk you take with relationships and dating. Just be upfront about your disability, so that you don’t startle anyone who takes you up on it (regardless of whether she cared or not, it would almost certainly ruin a date to surprise a girl like that).

    The guy on the phone was probably just another shallow dick who knew all the right things to say and to promise to get laid. Happens all the time, unfortunately.

  2. How about if I dress up as a girl? Would that be legit?

  3. Guys do not realize that long term plans must be respected and so are the promises they make.
    I can only imagine that girl’s pain and yes,would be nice to have someone saying something like that to you…but you see,girls who are so open about their love,end up in tears most of the time.Guys too…but guys don’t cry.
    I don’t want to sound like i know it all,but i am a female and i have been there…saw it..feel it…and got out dissapointed.
    I can’t answer your question…but i will ask you…
    Are you looking for a date?

  4. Ctrinity-
    I am looking for a date, but moreover, I am just really wanting is a friend who shows they want to hang out and stuff. But is also on their end, so I am not always like want to do this and get turned down always.
    Olson- No, just no. That’s messed up man
    Bri- I don’t know if I said this, but I am slowly getting better at saying I have a disability within the first night or so.
    Yeah that what I was thinking about the guy on the phone. Most people I would assume would be like holy shit, this person really cares, and get over their problem.

  5. Ok Ryan,to find a friend(girl),who really want to hang out,is not a problem as long as there is friendship compatibility between and some common interests.
    I used to have few friends,only to hang out when i felt like,but at that point i made sure we had a great time so they wouldn’t feel used or whatever.
    I guess,i do understand what you are looking for,but be careful with your online dates.
    Some, are freaks.Lmao!

  6. Thanks, lol. I did find a few freaks, as you call them. I would choose various other words for them.

  7. Merry Christmas Ryan and happy holidays!

  8. I feel like putting a few related things out there to see what people think of them (and perhaps to learn something from replies).

    “Love” What the hell does it mean? Like so many other concepts, love points to a range of experience for an individual and a plurality of potentially related ranges of experience for “Everyone”. It’s been my experience that many people report being unsure when they’re “in love” or when they “love someone” (which are distinguished from one another by some). Across my own lifetime (and perhaps I’ve had an unhealthy love life at times), I feel like the types of experience that I am willing to call love have changed significantly. For example, I now feel that some knowledge of a person’s character and thoughts is necessary to love them. Other, specifically earlier, “loves” seem more like sexual attraction and self-delusion. But this is not to say that these things are not LOVE — they may, in fact, be necessary for it.

    So is there anything common to all these experiences of “love”? When I string all the times I’ve felt “in love” together, I see common threads of: obsessive thinking, making the loved a central purpose of my life, and feeling like the time spent with the loved involves an absence of everything but our common space of thought.

    I don’t think that what I’ve said is any sort of answer and it’s barely even clear what I mean (let alone what “love” means), but I think, if nothing else it can help challenge people to think about what they mean by “love”. Perhaps there’s no common thread for some other than those times they’ve felt they should be in love (fulfilling a hollywood characature, meeting a felt obligation not to hurt someone, or simply doing “romantic” things for/with someone). For me I think it might boil down to sharing a unique space of communication combined with sexual desire. Who know’s maybe it’s not even a “good” idea to think about love, but it’s a least too late for me…

    buwahahaha…. um… yes, indeed.

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