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Finals Week

I just got my Thanksgiving post up. I started it either that night or the next day, and just been putting it off. Then I haven’t had enough umph to finish it. I have been busy with school and such. Last week was the final week of classes and this upcoming week is finals. I have one on Tuesday and another on Thursday. I am more afraid of the Tuesday one than the Thursday. Looking back as always I wish I could have done things differently. But then again most people would say the same.

The weeks since Thanksgiving has flown by. There has been a few issues at work that I won’t mention here, but I don’t quite understand why they had came up. My boss didn’t question me about why I didn’t do more than I did, because I have nothing to do with that area these days. He knows if I still did stuff in that area, I’d get the job finished. But the two guys that do it now just keeps it between themselves.

On Wednesday, I went to Microsoft finally. I was supposed to go back in October or November. Due to scheduling I couldn’t go then. I took the bus there myself. Now I don’t want to sound like an idiot, but I have only taken the bus a few times, each time it was with somebody else. Also it was only like 15 or 20 blocks off campus, so if we missed the bus somehow, we could still walk back to campus fairly easily. There was only one mix up. I got off at the wrong stop, because the driver told me the wrong information. Luckily he caught his error and loaded me back up.

Microsoft was ok, I met a lead tester and just talked in his office. Now I think back in October or November there is a national disability mentoring day, basically let’s people with disabilities see the real world. I have done this a few times, twice at Microsoft and another at a local IT company. I go to get my name out there. It’s not like I am clueless about what I want to do. I forgot to bring my resumé this time. I think he was just doing the general what do you like to do. Once I got a job offer right then. The guy thought I was a graduating senior from the UW.


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