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So I am not one that’s really into the holidays. My mom kept telling my sister and I that was the first Thanksgiving we had together. Now I am not quite sure about that because I remember a few years back dressing all nice for dinner and having our Thanksgiving placemats out. They aren’t just those plastic ones, my mother had made them back in the day by hand. They have a thin piece of padding it seems. Anyhow I remember basically working up a sweat trying not to spill anything especially my milk. Between the placemats, the cup of milk being up to the brim of the glass, and the cloth table cloth made it hell to drink. Not to mention that the table had a lot of dinner stuff on it so I couldn’t move my plate much. You may wonder what has a placemat got to do with me drinking. It is hard for me to pic up glasses one hand, so I usually slide the cup closer to use two hands.

This year…I don’t know, we said from the get go that it would be very laid back and such. I feel a little bad because I didn’t get dressed up at all. It was just Mom, my sister, her boyfriend and myself. I got up near the end of the parade, saw a few floats, and of course Santa…I just laugh at the news anchors because they make this huge deal about it, and when I was young I remember them saying here comes Santa and tune the rest of it out. Then adults know the real secret, and most of the time only adults listen to the anchors so yeah.

My sister and her boyfriend took off about twenty minutes after dinner. I told my mom I was taking a nap and to wake me up in a half hour. I finally woke up around 9:30 in enough time to say good night to my mom.

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  1. wow…thanksgiving..and its two weeks before xmas..You’re might slow there Ryan 😉 (I know you’ve been busy)

    I hope yo’re doing alright and staying well! take care of yourself Mr B

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