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Review of 11-7 through 11-12

As I stated, my boss was gone all this past week except Monday. Do I have any woes about this? No I don’t think so. I was going to say that some people got all high up on the horse. But there was only one incident of that, luckily it was like at 3:30 or 4 on Friday Thursday. Granted the day was basically over, it was just brushed off.

One of the new guys was basically telling us that the way we (myself and the other lead) do things is wrong, and we waste something in the order of 45 minutes per day give or take. The other guy’s and my mouth basically dropped open. So myself and the other lead went ahead and defending our position. The guy proceeded to say that this was a waste.

Information on my Job

I work in a computer lab that mainly produces Braille documents and tactiile graphics. I started October 2003, then it was just my boss and another guy (we’ll call him S). I was actually recruited by my boss in August of 2002, but I told him that I wanted a year or so under my belt at school before started working. I wanted the expierence but wasn’t concerned about money. Then a new guy(Z) came aboard for late part of June of 2004, until the end part of the summer. I had another summer job that is a bit more professional than this one, so I wasn’t around. My boss still kept me mostly up-to-date on what was happening there. Then the final …

Sorry I left this post unfinished for way too long. I had no idea where I was going with it after this.


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  1. Layout is awesome, P.S.

  2. Your layout is sweeeeet

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