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I haven’t updated in a while due to a few things. Mainly because of school and such.

So what’s new? I just been trying to study and such and also work. One of the cool things that has happened, is that I ran into a very old buddy from school. We ran into each other on none other than MySpace. It was totally cool. We have really known each other since third grade. He has memories since kindergarten, so I won’t fight that. Although we have been buddies since early grade school, we haven’t hung out since junior high, and haven’t talked to him since my senior year. I am glad he’s doing good. He’s actually starting to live out his dream since first or second grade of being a pro-wrestler.

Now I kind of can’t wait to have a reunion. Back in fourth or fifth grade we used to fight about who was the shortest. Good times. I can’t wait till he can come up and hangs out.

Next week my boss is in Colorado. Somebody may come up and fill in for him. But I will be basically the boss next week in the afternoons. The person that will be there is going to grab the phone.

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