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Can it get any Worse?

So lately a friend and I have been having not so good conversations from my perspective. We talked a lot this summer. It was really nice, I know she still cares and such. Like this summer, she said sorry if she had more than let’s say a minute or maybe two to reply almost no matter what…but lately that margin has changed. Yesterday I waited 20 minutes for a reply. And then sometimes, it is like the whole topic was forgotten. Saying stuff out of the blue, or things that were relevant previously in our conversation.

I atm not trying to be hurt, but it’s hard. Having somebody there for you and within days fading away, becoming one of those you say a quick hi every so often and that’s that.

Yeah, I have to say that our world’s are pretty different in reality. But like I just said I care a large amount for this person, and something like this just tears me up. It used to be the case that when she would take an extended period of time to reply, something was wrong. Knowing this I ask such questions I get nothing is wrong and such. So I just feel like it is gone, and doesn’t want to talk or something.

Beyond that, tonight while I was sitting here in my dorm room, I had my hands upon my knees. Well my right knee cap felt squishy. That frightened me out a little. That may be the first signs of water on the knee. Although I have 22CCs of whatever fluid on my left knee, and had it since 11th or 12th grade. I am not sure why I am getting it on my right. It has been a little cool in my room tonight, so I am hoping that’s it. I would go into the Hall Health like Friday afternoon, but I have a midterm Friday afternoon. So I can always play the game and rush through to get to see the doctor late afternoon, or wait till Monday…

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