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Myspace Greasemonkey

Derek just did a short write-up about how to get those very pretty MySpace profiles back to the same look of the normal bland template. The thing that annoys me the most about them is people that have no idea what they are really doing and post 5 images in a row, or one huge one…we are talking about a 500-700 pixel image here. It just made me sick. I also can’t imagine the daily bandwhidth of MySpace is either. Aside from the crazy amounts of pictures, there is streaming videos and music up the ying-yang.

Let’s also not forget the various flash and Java games people have put in. Things like a flash version of paint, to a version of Frogger, and yet to games like Bejewelled. I know after I joined, I was blown away at a friend’s profile…All customized and stuff. I asked how she did that, and after getting a copy of the code, I found out it was just CSS, and she didn’t have any idea what it was she was doing other than making it look pretty.

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