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Life Disk

As I was going through old Slashdot stories that get sent to my inbox, I found one that caught my eye. Some guy had written it after reading a New York Times article. [You most likely need to sign in to read it] The article talks about what sort of things that would make sense to have incase of an emergency.

You know important things like birth certificates and tax returns. The thing that the article didn’t mention to put on this “Life Disk” is dental records. I remember when September 11th happened, dental records were asked for like crazy. Many of times in murders dental record are used if the body is that mangeled. This article was written in lue of the two hurricanes that hit the United States within the past month.

Not to sound sick or anything, but there could be trapped bodies in the flooded parts. Their body is already decaying. So if it isn’t found soon, it will be just bones. Thus having to only rely on dental records. The thing that I wish my mother would do is to start scanning our family photos.

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